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Thursday, 30 August 2018

So, it has been far too long since I last blogged but I am back! I will be doing posts from my trip to Japan back in February, they're extremely late but I still want to get them written as I have so many pictures to share. My most viewed post is my last Maple & Whisky review, so it only seems right to dive head first back into blogging with another review! Maple & Whisky are a small business that sell handmade candles, melts, reed diffusers and room sprays featuring Disney inspired scents on Etsy. The scents that come with visiting a Disney Park are one of my favourite things about it, they are memorable and unique to Disney and each scent brings back different memories. I had always dreamed of being able to package up the scents and bring them home with me, now I can! I have been extremely lucky and have received three candles off of Maple & Whisky, I even got to choose the scents! Previous candles I have purchased from them are Philharmagic, Mickey Waffles, Main Street Bakery and Animation Hall. I have also tried to Main Street Popcorn reed diffuser and I am still currently using the Philharmagic room spray. There is also a discount at the end of this post!

I knew I was definitely going choose Castle Club, as I had had my eye on it for a while and I know the smell also brings back memories for my mom and dad too. The description for this scent on their Etsy is "the beautiful combination of luscious, rich vanilla, and earthy Indian sandalwood." Unfortunately, I have never been lucky enough to stay at the Disneyland Hotel but I do love paying a visit to Cafe Fantasia during my trips for a very strong cocktail. If you have stayed, or visited, the hotel you know it has a very unique scent. One that you can't help but wish your whole house smelled of and now it can! Not only does this candle smell incredible but it also looks amazing, the wax is pink and it matches the hotel perfectly. If you also fell in love with the scent of the Disneyland Hotel, then this candle will be perfect for you.

The second scent I had also had my eye on for a while was Adventure Is Out There. UP is one of my favourite Pixar films and I instantly fell in love with this quote after watching the film, so I knew I had to choose it for one of my scents. If you have seen Up you know that young Ellie gives Young Carl a grape soda pin, which is why the scent of this candle is grape. The description for this candle on their Etsy is an "icy blast of grape soda!" Grape scented and flavoured things are always my go to if it is an option but sometimes it can be overpowering. Candles have given me headaches before because the scent has been far too strong but Maple and Whisky's candles have the perfect balance. This candle is a prime example of that and now my room sells incredible.

One of my all time favourite smells is the scent of Disney popcorn but funnily enough Main Street Popcorn was the last of the three candles I chose. I had had this scent before but as a reed diffuser, so I tried to pick something different but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Nothing beats strolling down Main Street USA and the smell of freshly popped popcorn hitting your nostrils. The description for the candle on their Etsy is "fresh buttered popcorn. The classic scent of Main Street USA! Hot buttered popcorn, fresh from the vendors." It is a scent that brings me so much joy because it reminds me of being at a Disney park and sitting watching the castle show with a tub of popcorn in hand. It is such an iconic Disney scent and being able to have my bedroom smell like it makes me so incredibly happy. If someone were to ask me to recommend them a Maple and Whisky candle to try it would be this one, or Philharmagic. If you are also obsessed with the scent and taste of Disney popcorn, then you need to have this candle in your home.

I have been burning Maple and Whisky candles for a couple of years now and it never seizes to amaze me how spot on the scents I have tried are. If you are huge fan of Disney, or just love the smells of the parks, then I highly recommend checking out their Etsy store. I think it is so important to support small businesses and I think Maple and Whisky deserve so much success.

For 10% off orders over £10 use code VICTORIA10 at check out.

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