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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Yesterday evening I returned from my two week trip to Japan and I was absolutely heart broken to leave. I had the most incredible time and I am so sad to be home. I am going to be writing trip reports but I thought I'd kick start my Japan related posts with a Disney Store haul! I will be doing a separate one for the items I bought from Disneyland and DisneySea. This was my first time looking through everything I had bought since purchasing them, so it was a lovely to look through it all again. The day after we arrived in Sapporo my brother took us to the Disney Store there and of course I was extremely overwhelmed by everything. Before I went to Japan I told myself to only buy things that I have room for and actually need. I kind of stuck to that as I didn't buy any mugs because I definitely don't need anymore. I bought everything in this haul from either the Disney Store or Sapporo, or the one in Shibuya! 
Toulouse keyring (¥1,000)
Marie keyring (¥1,000)
Berlioz keyring (¥1,000)
Berlioz ufufy (¥700)
Toulouse ufufy (¥700)

The first day we went into the Disney Store they barely had any Aristocats items, we went back a couple of days later and they had a whole new section full of Marie merchandise. There was no way I could leave these cute keyrings of the kittens! I was pretty reserved with some of the Marie items I bought, especially the bags and purses. They were made out of a woolen material and I knew they'd get dirty so easily. I actually found the ufufy's in the Shibuya Disney Store and as I already have the Marie one, I knew I had to get these two to go beside her. These ones have a little flap on the bottom of them, so you can change their scents! I was given four scents to pick from when I was paying for my items and I was given them for free, they are usually ¥100.

The Little Mermaid wall flag (¥1,200)
The Little Mermaid cosmetic bag/pencil case (¥1,200)
The Little Mermaid tin of sweets (¥500 reduced to ¥250)

I had looked at this flag the first time we went into the Disney Store and didn't pick it up, I instantly regretted it. I couldn't decide between this one and the Tangled one but as Ariel is my favourite princess, I had to go with her. I am certainly not in need of anymore make up bags and I looked at so many in the Disney Store but as soon as I saw this one I knew I couldn't leave it behind. I am obsessed with the style of the characters and that the other main characters on it because you don't normally see them on Disney merchandise. I bought these sweets purely for the tin they are in and because they were so cheap!

Set of 4 Disney Princess folders (¥500)
Ariel pen (¥800)
Ariel mirror (¥7000?)
Stitch and Scrump badge (¥200)
Shibuya Disney Store pin (¥800)
Ariel pin (¥350)

Japan are really into their stationary and they sold a lot of these folders with different designs and characters on but I picked these up straight away. These princess designs are used on quite a lot of the merchandise in the stores! I have far too many pens and I barely use them but I wanted to buy at least one pen from the store, this Ariel one was the first I picked up. The small Ariel mirror is actually one that you can stick to the back of your phone, which is extremely useful. I am still on the hunt for the perfect case to stick it on the back of though because once you've stuck it down you can't reuse it. Most of the phone they sold in store were for the iPhone X. They did have all of their Valentine's products on the shelves but I wasn't really interested in it, so I bought this Stitch and Scrump pin, as I felt I had something from the collection. I had absolutely no idea the Disney Store in Shibuya sold its own pin and I was so excited when I found it. The Shibuya Store is well known for its amazing exterior and interior. This Ariel pin was super cheap, so I had to get it.

Pluto phone case (¥2,600 reduced to ¥1,300)
Max badge/patch (¥500 reduced to ¥250)
Sweet tins (¥500 reduced to ¥250)

I was really disappointed when I saw that all of their incredible phone cases were only made for the iPhone X, before going I knew that I'd wanted to buy. I was interested in the ones that were made for my phone and they only had about four to choose from. However, I did find this incredible Pluto case in the sale section in the Shibuya Disney Store. I came across quite of a few of these style badges while I was in Japan, they look like patches but have a pin on the back. I picked up this Max one because I am going to take the pin off of it and sew it onto my denim jacket. These tins are the same as The Little Mermaid one I mentioned earlier, I picked up a few because they were on sale.

Rapunzel backpack (¥4,900)
Rapunzel face mask (¥450 reduced to ¥250?)
Marie cosmetic bag (¥1,800)

My brother had actually sent me pictures of this bag and an Ariel one, so I knew I was going to buy one before I'd even seen them in person. I think the Ariel bag was blue, so obviously I ended up getting the Rapunzel one because it is pink... I can't wait to start using it! I found the face mask in the sale section! This Marie make up bag was one of the new items that had been stocked when we went back and it is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen, the zip has a fluffy tail on it. I'm so scared of getting this dirty and ruining it, I'll probably just keep it on a shelf in my room. 

Character bag of chocolate biscuit treats (I can't remember how much these were)
Disney princess and tsum tsum washi tape (¥200)
Disney princess washi tape (¥300)

I bought these bags of chocolate as gifts for people but also because I am obsessed with the packaging. I'm not 100% sure what the treats are inside but in the picture on the back they look similar to rice krispie treats. I absolutely love the washi tape they have in Japan and I always use it when I package stuff now, so I picked up a few of them.

While I was in Sapporo it was D23 Expo in Tokyo, I was actually going to plan my trip around it and attend it but I didn't think it would be fair on Jake. They had some of the merchandise in the Disney Store but I wasn't a fan of it. I did pick up the shopping bag just so I had something from the collection! Plus they always come in handy. I bought The Little Mermaid and Tangled shopping bag when I was in the Shibuya Disney Store to carry my purchases in, the design is so incredibly beautiful and I wish I could get it put on a poster so I can hang them on my bedroom wall. 

I wish I could have bought absolutely everything from the Disney Store but by the end of the holiday I had just enough money left to buy myself food and drink at the airport. It is a good job I didn't go crazy on the first day! I cannot wait to reorganise my pin board and find a place for everything in my bedroom. If only the UK Disney Store stocked some of the Japanese merchandise, I honestly think it is about time they did.

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  1. these are so cute! i especially love all the aristocats things, the keyrings are so cute! xx

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  3. I am really loving everything in your haul. Everything is so cute. The keyrings are adorable and I really love the Marie cosmetic bag.
    Clem x

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