Japanese Disney Store Marie Wishlist | Blogmas Day 19

Friday, 22 December 2017

As I was looking through the Ariel products for my previous wishlist, I knew that the next character I'd have to make one for was Marie. I was slightly disappointed when scrolling through the Marie merchandise because the collection definitely doesn't have as much variety as the Ariel one. I'm hoping when I go next year I'll be able to pick up more stuff from Disneyland, rather than the Disney Store. Of course there is a pink theme again but most of the Marie products do have pink incorporated into them.

The Aristocats make-up bag/pencil case (¥324)
The Aristocats patches (¥453)
Marie hair scrunchie (¥540)
Marie luggage tagpa (¥540)
Marie coin purse (¥702)
The Aristocats memo pad (¥270)
The Aristocats tote bag (¥2,192)
Marie 2018 planner (¥1,512)

Marie and Ariel are my two favourite Disney characters, Rapunzel too. I think the reason I love Marie so much is because of how sassy she is, plus I absolutely adore cats. She is definitely more of a well loved character in Japan than she is anywhere else but I am starting to see a lot more merchandise with her on now and it makes me so incredibly happy. I do see a lot of love for Marie in the Disney community! I may have put together a Marie outfit for my trip to Tokyo Disneyland too. Is there anything you're desperate to buy from the Japanese Disney Store?

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  1. I literally need all of this!

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