Japanese Disney Store Ariel Wishlist | Blogmas Day 13

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

It is no secret that Japan has the best Disney merchandise and I already know that I'm going to end up buying far too much during my trip. I thought I'd start a new wishlist series on my blog, where I create a wishlist for each of my favourite characters. There is way too much stuff I lust over on the Japanese Disney Store's website to put into one post and categorising it into characters makes it a lot easier! The Ariel merchandise has a pink theme in Japan and it is so perfect. They typically draw her and the other princesses in more of a chibi style, which is adorable and makes everything stand out a lot more.

Ariel pin badge set (¥1,890)
Ariel flower style phonecase (¥1,890)
Ariel notebook (¥540)
Disney princess 2018 schedule book (¥1,134)
Ariel make up bag (¥982)
Ariel hair brush (¥ 1,134)
Portable charger (¥1,890)
Ariel ribbon cushion (¥2,116)
Ariel and Rapunzel notebook (¥378)

I was scrolling through all of the Ariel related products on the Disney Store website for such a long time and I found it difficult not to put every single product on this list. I know this is going to be extremely difficult when I eventually do a wishlist for Marie and Rapunzel. I'm not a fan of most of the Ariel merchandise that we have in the UK but as you can tell a lot of it in Japan is very pink, which I am obsessed with. They have Ariel drawn in different styles and each one is honestly so beautiful. I want every single notebook that she is on. I have wanted the 2018 planner for such a long time but shipping to the UK from the eBay sellers is ridiculous. This a reminder in case my brother reads my blog, hint hint. I really do hope we start getting more of the Japanese merchandise in the UK because it would sell extremely well, we don't have the best Disney products here. It might seem silly being excited to go to Japan to see all of the Disney products, obviously I am far more excited to sight see. When I went back in 2015 I hadn't seen much of the Japanese Disney merchandise, so it was extremely overwhelming when I walked into a Disney Store for the first time. Only 55 days to wait until I jet off to Japan! It is going to be extremely difficult not to throw everything I see into my basket.

What merchandise are you hoping will eventually make it over to your country?

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