How To Make Your Own Mickey Mouse Inspired Wreath With Sam | Blogmas Day 9

Saturday, 9 December 2017

I really enjoy doing craft related posts and I had so much fun creating this wreath. I can't take the credit for it though as it was Sam, The Belle Jar Blog, who came up with the idea of doing a Mickey Mouse wreath! This is my first collaboration post this another blogger, I am so excited that I got to do it with Sam! We're excited to share our creations with you. It turned out a lot better than I was expecting it to and I am so pleased with it. Making my own Christmas wreath is something I have thought about doing every year but have just never gotten around to it. Blogmas was such a  perfect opportunity to finally do it but with a Disney spin!

What you will need:
Two 20cm rattan wreath
One 30cm rattan wreath
Christmas tree branches, holly, it is completely up to you what you use for your wreath!
Hot glue

1After purchasing your supplies, lay then all out onto a flat surface. I found it a lot easier having everything set out in front of me.

2Line up the two smaller wreaths with the bigger one, so you can see where you want the ears to be positioned.

3Put a fair amount of hot glue on the bottom of one of the smaller wreaths and gently press it down onto the larger wreath. I held it on for a couple of minutes to allow the glue to dry to ensure it doesn't fall off.

4Once the ears have dried, you're going to want to start sticking the Christmas tree onto it, or any decoration of choice. I had originally decided that I wasn't going to use hot glue to stick the Christmas tree into place, I was going to wind it in between the twigs but they wouldn't stay in place. Following the shape of wreaths hot glue the tree so it covers the base, I only did the front of it as that is all you are going to see. I find hanging it up and standing back to look at it is the easiest way to see if there are any bare parts. You can make it look a lot bushier but I was worried it would loose the Mickey Mouse shape if I kept adding more to it.

5Once you have glued it all down it is time for my favourite part, the decorations!

6Before hot gluing your decorations onto the wreath, I suggest gently positioning them on top of it to see where you want them to go. Put plenty of hot glue on the back of them to ensue they won't fall off. Hold them down for a couple of minutes to allow the glue to dry into place.

7Once it has all dried, hang it up and you'll have your own Mickey Mouse inspired wreath!

Here is the amazing wreath that Sam made! I love how different both of them turned out and how Sam used red tinsel to define hers, it looks incredible against the green of the tree. I'd love to make one using pink tinsel for my bedroom. This is probably one of my favourite blog posts I have ever done, I had so much fun creating this wreath. I expected it to be quite difficult to do but it took me less than half an hour and I am so pleased with how it turned out. A huge thank you to Sam who came up with the idea of doing!

If you have a go at making one, I'd love to see pictures!

Check out Sam's blogpost on her wreath!
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