Christmas Through the Years | Blogmas Day 7

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Looking back at old pictures is one of my favourite things to do. I used to hate how my dad would take pictures of everything, especially after I had just woken up on Christmas day but now I'm older I really enjoy looking at them. I had a browse through the pictures on my dad's laptop for pictures that were taken on Christmas Day throughout the years and I thought I'd share some of them! I also found some on my laptop that I had taken. I'm not too sure why I'm willingly putting these old pictures of me on the internet but here we are. I didn't think my brothers would appreciate me putting old pictures of them on my blog, so that's why they're not included. I hope you enjoy looking at these embarrassing photos from past Christmas's! The picture above is from 2004.


These are just a few of my favourite pictures that I came across, I could bore you with a ton more but I won't! Do you have any Christmas photos that you love looking back on?

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