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Friday, 3 November 2017

During my last trip to Japan I visited both Disneyland and DisneySea, however next year we will only be paying a visit to Disneyland. As my boyfriend has never been to Disney before we decided that for his first visit he should go to the park that has a castle at the end of Mainstreet, in order for him to truly experience the magic of Disney. As there is nothing more magical than seeing the castle for the first time. I love DisneySea and I am gutted that I won't be going this trip but I am so excited to show Jake around a Disney Park for the first time and to finally experience Disney with him. I had considered park hopping but I don't want the day to feel rushed. Last time I went it was summer and the park was pretty busy, therefore I didn't get to ride the attractions I was hoping to. Here are some of the things on my bucket list for my upcoming trip to Tokyo Disneyland!

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Try the Mike Wazowski melon bread
I knew about this before I went in 2015 but when I was actually at Disneyland it completely slipped my mind! Melon bread, also known as melon pan, is a sweet bread that is quite popular in Japan and of course at Disneyland it is in the shape of Mike Wazowski. I am desperate to try this during my next trip!

♥ Ride Pooh's Honey Hunt and Monster’s Inc. Ride & Go Seek!
As we went during the summer the queues for the attractions were far too long and the fast passes had ran out fairly quickly! As these two rides are unique to Tokyo I'm really hoping I get to experience them next year.

Watch Happiness Is Here
As this parade will be replaced by a new daytime parade called "Dreaming Up!" on April 15th 2018,  I'm going to make seeing this a priority! As after this trip I'll definitely never get the chance to see it again.

Try a Minnie Mouse Bun
I'm not someone who makes food a priority during Disney trips, food just isn't something that I'm necessarily interested in but this sounds amazing! It is a Minnie Mouse shaped steamed bun filled with strawberry cream.

Find a decent spot for Once Upon a Time
During my last trip we made it to the castle about 5 minutes before the show was due to start. At Tokyo Disneyland they have benches in front of the castle which is reserved seating, so getting a spot right in front of the castle isn't exactly easy. They also have quite a few lamp posts and trees scattered around, so trying to find a spot where they weren't obstructing the castle was difficult. We managed to find an open space and a good view of the castle quite far back but I'd love to not be rushing around 5 minutes before the show is due to start trying to find a good spot.

Try as many of the popcorn flavours as I can
I promise I'm not as obsessed with Disney park food as it seems... I have already tried the white chocolate and curry flavours but there are so many to try! The flavours available at Disneyland are curry, caramel, salt, milk chocolate, soy sauce and butter and honey. The last two flavours are exclusive to Disneyland and there as some that are exclusive to DisneySea, such as white chocolate, cappuccino and black pepper. I know that they do occasionally bring more exclusive flavours to the parks too!

Take some amazing pictures
This goes without saying really but I didn't take as many pictures as I should have during my last trip. I was too busy taking in all of my surroundings and truly appreciating the park. I love looking back on pictures from Disney trips and I am planning on writing blog posts from my time in Japan, so I will need plenty of pictures.

Buy a ton of merch
We all know that Japan has the best Disney merchandise, so it goes without saying that I am definitely going to buy a lot of it.

I cannot wait to show my boyfriend around my favourite place and see him experience Disney for the first time!

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