The Halloween Season at Disneyland Paris

Friday, 6 October 2017

Last October, almost exactly a year ago, I got to experience the Halloween season at Disneyland Paris for the second time. The first time was when I was 8 years old and got to see Halloween in full swing in the park, I actually remember parts of that trip quite vividly! I'll never forget walking through Disney village and hearing This is Halloween playing over the speakers, it was such a small but special moment for me. As the Halloween season has begun at Disneyland Paris, I thought I'd share some of my favourite things that I was able to experience during my trip last year.

 The decorations
My favourite thing about the holiday's are the decorations, so being able to walk into Disneyland and see Main Street covered in pumpkins and fall decorations really was magical. I know Main Street doesn't have its Halloween decorations on Main Street this year due to the 25th anniversary but they are still scattered around the park! The character pumpkins that they usually have in front of the castle are such simple decorations but they really do look amazing. Frontierland looked incredible, the pumpkins suit the theme of the land perfectly and it is such a good place to take photos. The decorations are not only spooky but also very autumnal due to the yellow and orange tones, it really brightens up the park!

  Meeting the characters
Meeting the characters is always fun but being able to meet them in their Halloween costumes and meet characters that wouldn't typically be out is even better. I've seen that Mickey and Minnie are wearing a different costume this year to go with the Coco theme in Frontierland and I wasn't sure about them at first but they have grown on me! Unfortunately I won't be able to meet the in those outfits this year. It wouldn't be Halloween without meeting the Pumpkin King himself and the two times I have met him have both been amazing, he is such an enjoyable character to interact with. I got to meet Marie wearing her orange bow last year but this year she is showing off her blue and silver bow for the anniversary! She has only just started meeting again recently and I was gutted I wasn't able to meet her during my trip in June. I was also able to meet Gaston as he was wondering around with the other villains, which was lucky as I found guests were quite rude trying to push in to get the villains attention.

♥ Vive la Vie
This is probably one of my favourite Disney Parks songs and I'd listened to it before I had seen Mickey's Halloween Celebration, so I couldn't wait to hear it alongside the parade. Although it is a song about harvest I still think it suits the Halloween celebrations and you can't help but sing along to it! It never fails to put a smile on my face when I listen to it, it brings back so many good memories from my trip. I hope the cavalcade comes back to Disneyland Paris next year once the 25th anniversary has ended, as I am planning a Halloween trip!

Halloween at Disneyland Paris is definitely my favourite season to visit the park, very closely followed by Christmas time. What are you're favourite things to experience during the Halloween season?

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  1. I miss Halloween so much, I wish we could've gone this year! Also that photo with Marie actually kills me, SO CUTE!!! ����
    Meg x

    1. It would've been so much fun if we could've gone together, we could've met so many characters! Thank you, it is my favourite picture that I've got with a character!

      Victoria xx


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