10 Things I Want to Experience at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

I definitely didn't appreciate Animal Kingdom enough while I was there, I saw it as a half day park. I'm not too sure why Animal Kingdom didn't appeal to me before but I am certain I would absolutely love it now. From watching vlogs and seeing some of the incredible pictures people take, it has made me wish I'd spent more time there. Now I have some things I want to experience next time I visit, I can't wait to go back to this park.

1 The Wild Africa TrekI just decided to look at the information for this trek on Disney World's website and I did not realise how expensive it is to do... That being said the trek looks incredible and it is definitely something I would love to experience.

2♥ Visit Pandora - The World of Avatar
I have never actually seen Avatar, so when they announced they were expanding Animal Kingdom and building Pandora I didn't know how to feel. However, from what I have seen of it does look beautiful! I'm aiming to have seen the film by the time I go back, so I can fully appreictae Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey. I also really want to try the night blossom drink because I'm all about aesthetically pleasing beverages. 

3♥ Watch Rivers of Light
Watching something that shows off the world of animals and nature sounds incredible! I have heard people say it is very underwhelming but I would love to see it for myself.

4♥ Experience Kilimanjaro Safaris at night I think one of the best things to come out of Animal Kingdom having its hours extended is Kilimanjaro at night! Being ale to see the preserve shown off in ways and see it at sunset sounds beautiful and you'll be able to see the animals that are more active later in the day. 

5♥ Meet Russel and Dug at Discovery Island
This is one of my dream meet and greets!

6♥ Listen to all of the different performers around the park
One of the amazing things about Animal Kingdom is the street performers! It is incredible being able to experience and celebrate different cultures music and being able to participate by dancing along. 

7♥ Experience Caring for Giants
Elephants really are beautiful creatures and being to get a closer look at them would be a dream come true! While also learning what it takes to care and look after them.

8♥ Experience the Backstage Tales Tour 
As you can probably tell, I really like animals. Being able to tour the animal facilities and see how the Cast Members tend to and care for the animals would be such a fulfilling experience for me. I worried that it might not be the best environment for the animals, so being able to see the behind the scenes of how the animals are looked after would be amazing.

9♥ Have a drink in Dawa Bar
I've recently got into drinking beer, so I loved to try the Tusker lager and also try a couple of the cocktails!

10♥ Maharajah Jungle Trek
Tigers are my favourite animals and they are endangered, so being able to see these beautiful creatures in person always astounds me.

Animal Kingdom really does have so much more to offer and I am glad they extended their opening hours! Since my last trip I have grown to love animals more and more, so I know I will fall in love with this park during my next visit. What is something you'd love to experience at Animal Kingdom?

Picture taken by @fierceblair, thank you for letting me use it!

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  1. I haven't been to Animal Kingdom in years as we didn't get to visit on our last trip so I can't wait to go next week.

    So much to see and do.

    Victoria x

  2. When I visited Florida last year we experienced the Kilimanjaro Safari during the day as well as in the evening and they both provide such unique experiences. I 100% recommend you doing it in the dark (when we did it, we passed a rhino and if we could, I definitely could have reached and stroked it we were that close!)

    Tabitha x


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