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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

You are correct if you think the title of this blog post is from a Dear Evan Hansen song, a soundtrack that I have absolutely fallen in love with. Waking up every morning with the attitude that that day is going to be a good day is difficult, especially when you have to drag yourself out of bed to go to work. Obviously I wish I could wake up with that attitude every day but sometimes it just isn't possible. However, I thought I'd dedicate this blog post to things that are helping me wake up most mornings with a smile on my face because I think it is important to talk about things that make us happy.

 I'm going back to Japan
Two years ago I went on a two week holiday to Japan, in that time I visited Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. I absolutely fell in love with Japan, ever since that trip I have been longing to go back. In April this year my twin brother jetted off to Sapporo to teach English! Sapporo is the fifth largest city of Japan by population, and the largest city on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. As soon as he found out he'd be living in Japan, I knew that I had to go over and visit him. Last month me and my boyfriend booked our plane tickets to visit Joe for a week in Sapporo and then spend a week in Tokyo. I can't even begin to explain how ridiculously excited I am for this trip, we go next February and I am counting down the days. I'll definitely be doing blog posts based on our trip leading up to it!

 Mine and my boyfriend's two year anniversary is tomorrow
Tomorrow, 20th September, marks being with my boyfriend for two whole years. I actually started talking to my boyfriend through Tinder, I promise that app can work. Jake has made me so incredibly happy, I never thought I'd find someone who I get on so well with and also have so much in common with. I can't even begin to express how grateful and lucky I feel to have him in my life.

♥ Halloween and Christmas are fast approaching
The most wonderful times of the year are drawing near, October and December are probably my favourite months. I love seeing all of the Halloween and Autumn products in the shops and watching as the leaves turn orange. However, I still have absolutely no idea who or what I am going to be for Halloween, preferably something that means I am able to smother glitter all over my face. Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year and the lead up to it is honestly the most magical time.
I can finally watch all of my favourite Christmas films, pick out a new bauble for the tree, listen to Christmas music none stop, buy presents for people, etc. I cannot wait! I'm going to be attempting Blogmas this year, which I am really looking forward to.

♥  I've fallen in love with reading again 
I had stopped reading for a while because I had found other things that were taking up a lot of my time but recently I decided it was time to pick up a book again. Being able to come home from work and curl up with a good book honestly makes me so happy and I'm glad that something so minor is able to lift my mood so much. I always read before I go to sleep now, rather than watching something and I find that it has helped me fall asleep a lot quicker that I used to. Reading really is therapeutic.

I think it is important to celebrate and discuss the little things that make us happy day to day. What is something that has been making you smile recently?

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  1. Such an important concept, that put a smile on my face so thank you for that. I hope writing this out put a smile on your face too!

    Cnogratulations on your anniversary, I hope you do somthing really nice to celebrate. Also, yay for for an online/app relationship lasting and working! Your Japan trip sounds like it's going to be incredible, it's a place I'd love to visit so I'll be keeping my eye out for your posts leading up. I'm also incredibly jealous of your brother, what an incredible opportunity

    100% with you on the Halloween and Christmas decorations, I'm going to be wearing glitter on my face from now until the new year I tell you! Also, if you fancy any reading recommendations I'm always happy to share what I'm loving recently!

    Beka. xo

    1. Thank you so much, I'm so glad it put a smile on your face! Thank you for such a lovely comment too, this really made my day!

      Victoria x


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