Japan Haul 2017

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Last week my mom and dad returned from their trip to Japan where they were visiting my twin brother! On their travels they went to Tokyo and Sapporo, as Sapporo is where Joe is currently living. They came back with so many gifts for me, which I am so incredibly grateful for as I honestly was not expecting it. I know quite a few people are intrigued to see what Disney merchandise is like Japan, so I thought I'd do a haul of everything they brought back for me. 
I'll add the prices if they're still on the items, so you can get an idea of how much Disney merchandise costs in Japan!

Marie pass holder and coin purse (¥1,800)
Marie make up bag (¥1,000)
Marie Ufufy (¥700)
Marie pen
The Aristocat's badge (¥150)

Marie is one of my favourite Disney characters and she's such a well loved character in Japan, so they make the cutest Aristocat merchandise and that is something we are definitely lacking in the UK. My brother actually bought me the make up bag and pin a couple of months ago and the pen during his first week in Japan, my parents were finally able to bring them home for me! I am so excited to use the pass holder for my JR card and loose change during my trip in February, it's going to come in so handy.

(Editor's note: Just kidding, this isn't an editor, it's Joe, but I wanted to feel powerful. Vic's told me I can add or change anything I want to, providing some kind of commentary or story about the gifts we bought for Vic. Buckle in, 'cos there's a shit-tonne.)

The Little Mermaid 2018 calendar
The Little Mermaid pink notepad
The Little Mermaid green notepad (¥250)
The Little Mermaid badge (¥150)

As well as Marie, Ariel is also one of my favourite Disney characters! Japan makes the most beautiful Little Mermaid merchandise, as they typically have a pink theme for her, which I absolutely love. The 2018 calendar is probably one of my favourite things that they brought back and I'll definitely be putting it on my desk at work. When you open the lid there's a slot for you to put the card in for the corresponding month, it also came with a Little Mermaid note pad. I'm probably going to use one of the notepads as a travel journal for my trip to Japan, so I can write down all of my memories and stick all of tickets in it.

Disney Cats totes bag (¥1,000)
Disney Cats towel pouch (¥300)
Ariel sweets (¥350)

How beautiful is this Disney cat tote bag? Two of my favourite things are cats and Disney, so I am obsessed with the illustrations used on the bag. I'm not too sure what a towel pouch is used for but I will definitely find a use for it! I'll probably use it to put my make up in when I'm traveling. Japan even make hard boiled sweets look amazing and Ariel on this bag looks so perfect.

Ariel toy car
Ariel nail varnish (¥200)
Scuttle phone stand
Disney Princess memo pads (¥300)
Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid sticky tape (¥300)

One thing I love most about Japan is how random some of their merchandise is, take the Ariel tsum tsum toy car my dad picked up me as an example. I love how perfectly the tsum tsum designs suits a toy car. The little Scuttle is an iPhone stand and it came in a mystery pack, there were 6 other Little Mermaid characters to collect. The Little Mermaid nail varnish is the perfect shade of pink, I only really paint my toe nails, as I typically get my nails done but I'm so excited to use this. These are quite possibly the most beautiful sticky notes I have ever seen, the drawings of the princesses are amazing and I'd love to see more merch with them on.

Joe's note: We actually bought the Ariel toy car at the top of the Metropolitan Government building in Shinjuku - an odd place to find Disney merch, but the viewing deck was a veritable stockade of licensed tat. Dad was insistent we got the car for Vic for whatever reason, but I was giggling too much to argue. God bless the Japanese and their weird marketing choices.

Kirby and Pikachu (won in an arcade)
Alien headband
Mary and the Witch's Flower hair bows

If there's one thing I suggest you definitely have to do during a trip to Japan, it is to visit an arcade. They are so much better than the ones we have in the UK and the prizes are always amazing, I could spend hours in there. My mom and brother won the Kirby and Pikachu! While my mom was at Tokyo Disneyland she bought the alien headband to wear and soak up her sweat, which I'm sure she will love me mentioning. I'll definitely be washing it before I use it to push my hair off of my face while I do my make up and face masks. I believe while my family were at The Ghibli Museum they were holding a raffle where you can win certain prizes and these hair bows were one of them!

Joe's note: I don't have much to say about these, other than the fact that four months in Japan has made me a grab machine expert. I won myself a Rapunzel statue which has taken pride of place on my bookshelf, next to Vic's aggrievances about me not giving it to her. They make excellent centrepieces in my miniature Japartment.

Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea pin (¥800)
Disney Store 25th Anniversary pin (¥600)
Ariel pin (¥1,000)
Kiki's Delivery Service pin (¥500)

I have only recently started collecting pins and it was definitely a mistake as now I'm not going to be able to stop. When I went to Japan a couple of years I didn't pick any pins up from Disneyland, so I'm glad Joe kindly picked the Disney ones out for me during their trip! One of my favourite films is Kiki's Delivery Service and I had no idea they sold pins at The Ghibli Museum, I was so happy when I saw my family had picked up a Kiki pin for me. 

Joe's note: Portable wifi: an excellent idea for foreign travellers and those without access to mobile data. Turns out, not particularly reliable when trying to call someone who's 6,000 miles away. I woke Vic up at 7am her time, trying to work out which pins she wanted. It has to be said, as great as Disneyland Tokyo's merchandise is, their pin game is weak as fuck. I chose the three that I thought Vic would like best, and despite intermittent technical issues, managed to show her them via videochat. Turns out, I just needed to rely on my excellent twintuition, as I'm rarely wrong when it comes to matters of both Vic and Disney.

Pink The Little Mermaid bag
Kiki's Delivery Service bracelet

Joe kept sending me pictures of this Ariel bag whenever he went into the Disney Store and I instantly fell in love with it. I asked him if he could ask mom and dad to pick it up for me if they came across it again. He messaged me to tell me that the Disney Store were no longer selling it and I was gutted, as at the time he genuinely thought that he wasn't going to be able to get it for me. However, he saw one being displayed in Sapporo Disney Store! I had no idea that he'd actually managed to buy it for me as he wanted it to be a surprise and I was so happy when I opened it. Pink and The Little Mermaid together, what more could you want? During my trip to Japan in 2015 I bought myself the exact same Kiki bracelet and I only took it off in September 2016 for my graduation, as it was starting to look a bit gross. I was so sad that I had to cut it off because I'd tied it too tightly but Joe picked me up a new one and I'm extremely happy to have it back on my wrist.

Joe's note: Bamboozled. Giving gifts is much more enjoyable when you get to fuck with the person beforehand. I was being semi-honest though, because three previous visits to mutiple Disney stores had yielded no results in my search for the elusive Ariel bag. We went back to the Sapporo store on the last day my parents were here, and I spotted the bag on the top shelf in the far corner of the store. I'm pretty sure I knocked a kid over in my pursuit for it. They had it coming.

This is a carrier bag that they currently have in the Disney Store's, in celebration for its 25th anniversary! 

I'm going back to Japan next year and I am so unbelievably excited to visit my favourite country again and spend my money on things I definitely don't need!

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  1. Such a lovely haul, Asian Disney merch is always the cutest! And that Kiki's Delivery Service bracelet is so adorable. I actually saw a Totoro version of it in Hong Kong and I've regretted not picking it up ever since! They're so unique! <3 xx

    1. Asia definitely does the best Disney merch! I love it, I was so gutted when I had to cut it off! I know you can get them on eBay but the shipping is quite expensive!

      Victoria x

  2. Awesome haul! You received so many cute things! So adorable how your brother loves finding these things for you xx

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. Thank you, lovely! He's honestly the best!

      Victoria x

  3. I'm so envious of your haul from Japan! I'm an Alice fan and the merchandise they have for her makes me weep and squeal that I cannot get my hands on it!

    so many wonderful goodies for you and I loved Joe's notes!

    Victoria x

    1. The Alice merch is beautiful! I know that there are some shoppers on Instagram where you able to get Tokyo merch from!
      Thank you, lovely!

      Victoria x

  4. Wow what an incredible haul! So many beautiful pieces, I love them! :D



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