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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

After a decent nights sleep, it was finally time for our first full day in the park. I got up ridiculously early to start getting ready and got everything together for my Marie Disneybound. We left the hotel and hopped on the shuttle for just after 10am, everywhere was surprisingly quieter than I had expected. After taking a few pictures of my Disneybound outside the park gates, we headed straight into the park and over to Adventureland to try and meet Peter Pan, as we knew Peter Pan and "friends" started meeting from 11:15am.

We were stood in the queue for at least 5 minutes with the sun beaming down on us, before we realised none of us had put sun cream on. I'm naturally ginger, so this was a terrible mistake and it was 30+ degrees outside. My arms and the back of knees were victim to sunburn, we did later have to buy some sun cream but the damage was already done. After standing in line for at least 30 minutes, Captain Hook and Smee came wandering out. We were disappointed but I had never met Smee before and I did have a wonderful meet with them. I showed them my tattoo because they were pointing at my ears and my outfit! After we'd met them I asked the character attendant if they knew what time Peter would be meeting, they informed us he would be coming out at 12:15pm, which meant we'd only have to wait another 30 minutes. After standing in the glaring sun for 30 more minutes, Peter and Wending came strolling around the corner and the queue went down pretty quickly. Finally it was our turn to meet them and as I walked up to Wendy she told me how beautiful I was, which made my day. Peter looked at me and said, "oh, you're the White Rabbit!" I kindly corrected him and told him I was actually Marie... which was awkward. Before we took some pictures I pointed out the glitter on my cheeks and told them I already had my pixie dust to fly back to Neverland with them, which they loved! 

Once we had met Peter Pan we headed straight over to the old mill as I had seen on Twitter that Rapunzel was currently meeting there! She was leaving just as we arrived but before we could walk away a guest kindly let us know that he had been told she would be returning in 5 minutes, so we happily waited. We must've been waiting for about 10 minutes when it was finally our turn to meet her. I had such a lovely meet and greet with Rapunzel, she loved my Marie tattoo and she complimented all of the ears I had made for myself, Sian and Alice. She even let me stroke her magical hair. It was such a wonderful meet and I think this shows in the pictures, as I am looking at her with such admiration, which makes me laugh whenever I look back at the photos. My twin brother, who is currently living and working in Japan, absolutely loves Rapunzel and he was gutted he couldn't come on this trip with us! So I asked her if she would film a little message for him, which she ever so kindly did! 

After meeting Rapunzel we decided to have a wander around Fantasyland and Mainstreet, as we'd been stood in queues for most of the morning. I love going to Disney for the rides and character meets but one of my favourite things to do is to just have a slow wander round all of the lands. The detail at Disney is absolutely incredible and you always notice something new each time you go, I really enjoy just taking in my surroundings and looking out for all of the small details. I also really enjoy walking around in front of the castle and people watching. Disney trips can be pretty hectic and none stop but you should always make sure you take the time to truly appreciate your surroundings because Disney really is a beautiful place and so much hard work went into creating such a magical park. 

Once we'd taken a few pictures it was finally time to use our fastpass for Peter Pan's Flight, every time I ride this attraction I love it more and more. I personally think the animatronics are out dated on it but I think that's what makes it so magical because that's what guests have become used to. The part where you're flying over London and you can see the cars moving beneath always takes my breath away, as it really does feel like you are flying over London. During my trip in October last year I had a cold, so I couldn't actually smell or taste anything and I was devastated when I couldn't taste my pineapple whip. This trip I was finally able to try one and taste it, plus it was absolutely boiling outside and it was the perfect snack to help us cool down. I've honestly never been so excited to taste something before, I definitely thought it was so worth the wait! I may have made a few excited squeals when I tasted it. I was always talking to an American couple who were waiting in the queue behind us, they were telling me they were trying it to see how it compares to the original dole whip.

After devouring my pineapple whip, we headed over to Haunted Mansion to meet up with Megan. We knew we'd both be at Disney at the same time and wanted to meet up at some point, so we had been exchanging a couple of texts throughout the day in order to plan when and where we should meet. Megan is one of the loveliest people I have ever meet and we got on extremely well straight away, she is so easy to talk to and I'd felt like I'd known her for forever. I'm so grateful that Disney has allowed me to talk so many amazing people that I definitely wouldn't have met without it. Haunted Mansion is one of my favourite rides and I loved being able to ride it with Meg! Once we were off the attraction we headed over to Big Thunder Mountain to grab some fastpasses, although the queue was only about a 30/40 minute wait. While we waited for our allocated time slot for BTM, we headed over to Alice's Curious Labyrinth to have a wander around. I normally take my time looking at the view when I reach the top of the tower in the labyrinth but the sun was seriously beating down on us at this point, so we made our way our pretty quickly. After having a short wander through the labyrinth, we took Sian and Alice to ride Casey Junior for the first time. I think it is such an underrated ride, especially on a hot day as the breeze was incredible and much appreicated. We then decided to get a spot for the parade, Sian, Alice and my auntie decided to sit in the shade, while me and Meg chose a spot in direct sunlight. Although I did get very sun burnt and was sweating all over, it was definitely worth it as we had such an amazing view of the parade. It was my first time watching Stars on Parade and I did enjoy it but I do definitely prefer Magic on Parade. A couple of floats were missing but the ones I saw were incredible, I'm not a huge fan of the song but I'm hoping it will grow on me over time, maybe after I've learnt the words to it. 

After watching the parade in the scorching sun, we decided it was time to grab something to eat before it was time to use our Big Thunder Mountain fastpasses. Eating in a Disney Park isn't exactly easy for a vegetarian but I know Cafe Hyperion does a decent veggie burger, so we headed over there. Once we'd finished eating and taking advantage of the shade, it was time to use our fastpasses. Big Thunder Mountain is easily one of my favourite rides and being able to ride it with Meg, Sian and Alice was amazing. We got on the ride really quickly and I thoroughly appreciated the breeze the whole way around the attraction, we also finally got a decent attraction photo. Shout out the little boy slaying behind us in our picture.

After riding Big Thunder Mountain we headed over to Discoveryland to use our fastpasses for Star Tours but first we stopped off in front of the castle to take a couple of pictures. I absolutely love these pictures of Meg and I. I love Star Tours and this was my first time riding it since its update, however I came off feeling quite sick. Correct me if I'm wrong but it is definitely more intense than before, the only other attraction I have ever experienced motion sickness on is Ratatouille the first time I ever rode it. I'll definitely ride it again and hopefully now I know what to expect after the update, it shouldn't make me feel sick next time. 

After saying bye to Meg, we decided that we were going to miss Illuminations that night and just head into the village. As we were heading out down Mainstreet I got a text from Meg, she met up with us again and came with us for a drink. We had a wander around World of Disney because no matter how many times you go in that shop, there's always something new to look at. After a long day of walking and standing around in the heat, I thought a beer was well deserved so we headed to the Sports Bar. Meg and Sian both had beautifully, glowing cocktails, which tasted absolutely incredible. While me and my auntie had a beer. me and Alice also shared a pizza that cost 11 euros. We then caught the bus back to our hotel, only to discover that Meg and her friends were staying in the room opposite ours! Overall, it was probably one of the best days I've had at Disney, everything about it was so magical and being able to meet Meg was definitely a highlight! 

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