Disneyland Paris Haul | June 2017

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Once you've been to Disneyland Paris a few times, the merchandise becomes a bit repetitive. They definitely don't update it often, so I try not to go expecting to want to buy everything. However, on my last trip I decided to start collecting pins and you could say it was a bad idea. I've started being a lot more selective when buying Disney merchandise as I simply don't have the room for it all anymore but as pins are small and easy to store, I can justify buying them. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything I bought in this post because I have a feeling I did. Regardless, here is my haul from my most recent Disney trip!

Anti stress colouring book (12.90)
Ariel canvas (€14.99)
Rapunzel slipper socks (€9.99)
Marie pen (€5.99)

I've wanted a Disney colouring book for such a long time but I haven't come across one I liked the look of. However, we came across this one in Disney Village and it looked perfect, so I had to buy it. I don't actually have any room on my walls for more pictures but I saw this Ariel canvas and knew that I had to have it, I love the pop art style! I can't go to Disney apparently without buying slipper socks and how could I say no to a pair with Rapunzel on? When I went to Disney last October I told myself I didn't need this Marie pen and ever since I have regretted not buying it, as soon as I saw it last week I bought it and I'm so happy I did.
25 years of stars bowl (€12.99)
Disneyland Paris jumper (€44.99)

Apart from a pin, I wanted to buy something from the 25th collection and this bowl was the only item that I truly liked and knew I would actually use. I love how it has the classic characters on and I can't wait to start eating my breakfast out of it. I have seen so many people wearing the Walt Disney World version of this jumper and when I went to Disney last year I found the Paris version but I couldn't justify the price. Thanks to Meg's annual pass we were able to get 20% off of it and I am so happy that I finally own it, I also got my twin brother one too.

Unfortunately, I can't remember the prices of the pins and I can't find a price chart for the colours anywhere online. I am so happy with the pins I managed to pick up, there are a few I do regret not buying but I think I bought enough. I am extremely pleased with the ones I decided to buy and I can't wait to put them on my pin board. I am looking to purchase more Ariel pins in the future! I'm also thinking about doing a pin collection post at some point, now that my collection is growing.

Mickey Mouse ring  (€26.99)
I originally bought this ring from Walt Disney World in 2013 and have worn it every day since. My original one had become so battered and disgusting that I thought it was finally time I replaced, as I love it so much. I'm glad I finally decided to replace it, as it really is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery I own and I love having a small piece of Disney with me where ever I go. We did also buy a photopass, which definitely wasn't worth it!

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  1. I love the bits and bobs you picked up! recently went to disneyland paris too and it was such a dream! X

    1. Thank you! It really is such a magical place!

      Victoria x

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