Day One | Disneyland Paris June Trip Report

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Day one mainly consisted of traveling, our flight wasn't until 2pm so we had the morning to get ready! Which felt unusual as I when I travel anywhere recently we have to be up at the crack of dawn. The flight there started off absolutely fine, until I went to the toilet on the plane and noticed my false eyelash was coming off. As I attempted to poke it back down, my nail cut it in half and half of it disappeared behind my eye. For the majority of the flight I was running my finger around my eye trying to retrieve it and eventually it appeared. This then triggered a conversation with a man who was sat in front of me on the plane, asking if they do contact lenses for long sighted people.

He also asked me and my auntie if we had eaten the chocolate cake they brought round for everyone, making small talk. He also complimented my make up. I heard the man and his friend talking about how they were flying to Vegas next week and after talking to him while we were waiting to get off the plane, I decided to ask if they were in a band, as they definitely looked the part. He then told me he was in Steel Panther and asked if I had heard of them, I had. They had just come from playing Download Festival. I don't listen to Steel Panther but I had heard of them and knew they were well known. I had been talking to the lead singer, Michael Starr. He then proceeded to ask if I was a singer because I "gave off a music vibe." I told him about my boyfriend being in a band and he seemed impressed, as he insisted that I definitely gave off a strong music vibe... We carried on talking until he went to find his connecting flight. That was possibly the weirdest flight I have ever been on in my life.

Once our transfer finally turned up, it was time to head to our hotel. It took us a while to get from CDG to our hotel as the traffic was terrible due to a football match that was taking place, I finally spotted Tower of Terror through the trees after being in the car for 40 minutes and the excitement truly kicked in. Once we arrived at the hotel we freshened up and hopped on the shuttle to the parks, we stayed at the Kyriad and the shuttles are roughly every 10 minutes. Once we collected out tickets we got into the park for around 7:30pm. I can't even begin to describe how incredible it felt walking down Main Street, hearing the music and actually being able to smell the popcorn. I was finally home and I could not have been happier. The first thing we did was buy a PhotoPass, which I personally thought was a waste of money as there were hardly any photographers around. After having a couple of minutes to take everything in I realised that the Starlit Princess Waltz was starting in 5 minutes, so we headed over to the stage. I'd only seen pictures people had taken of this show but I had managed to avoid videos of it. I absolutely loved it. Everything was so perfect from the music, to the dancing, to the fan props! It is one of the best Disney shows I have seen, down to the fact it not only has the princesses in it but also their princes, which definitely need to be featured in the parks more. The moment Ariel stepped onto the stage my eyes filled with tears, along with how beautiful she looked and the music that was playing, I felt very overwhelmed. Watching this show was an amazing way to start our Disney holiday, as it is so quintessentially Disney due to how magical it is and it has some of their most iconic characters in. I really hope it sticks around once the 25th anniversary celebrations are over. 

Once I had pulled myself together, we decided to have a wander around Fantasyland which is my absolute favourite land in any Disney park. We then made our way over to Frontierland to ride Big Thunder Mountain to see what the queue was like, as it had been shut for so long I was desperate to ride it. I was not disappointed, it's faster, longer and more of it is in the dark. After riding BTM we decided it was probably time we ate something. After looking at the menu of different restaurants and being reminded of how terrible the vegetarian options are, we headed over to Discoveryland. Before eating we rode Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, and I lost... We ate at Cafe Hyperion which I always tend to eat at when I'm at Disney, they do a half decent veggie burger!

Once we'd eaten it was time for Illuminations, everyone was sat down so it was difficult to find a decent spot but we made do, as we knew this wouldn't be the only night we'd be watching it. I'd be looking forward to watching the new castle show since I saw clips of it surface online, I'd only watched a small bit of The Little Mermaid part. I absolutely loved the beginning of it, The Lion King part was beautiful and it looked amazing on the castle! I love that it had such a big part in it. Then The Little Mermaid part started and I got very emotional. The Little Mermaid is my favourite film and seeing so many iconic scenes projected onto the castle was incredible, I could definitely watch that part over and over. However, the scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean did not look pleasing projected onto the castle and I have no idea why they decided to include it. As much as I love the live action Beauty and the Beast, I think it would've been better if they had clips from the animated film instead. I know it is a celebration for the 25th, so they're including some recent films in it but I'm not sure if I'm a fan of live action films projected onto the castle. Overall, I did really enjoy it but I would much rather watch Dreams! After Illuminations we got a Uber back to the hotel and got some sleep ready for our first full day in the park!

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