My Top 3 Tips For Making Mickey Mouse Ears

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

One of my most recent hobbies includes making Mickey Mouse ears, I am currently beginning the process of setting up my own Etsy store, which I will do a blogpost on when it happens! Ear making was something I have always wanted to try, last year I decided to pick up my mom's sewing kit and give it a go! I'm definitely no expert and the ears I make certainly are not perfect but it is something that I thoroughly enjoy doing, as it keeps my mind occupied. Plus there is nothing more rewarding than being sent pictures of your customers wearing the ears you have handmade at Disney parks! I've seen a lot more people give making ears a go, so I thought I'd leave you with a few tips on how to get started with making your own Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears. All of the ears pictured in this post are ears I have made!

1 Take your time
When I first started making ears I would attempt to make them as quick as I possibly could. However, I have soon come to realise that it is definitely something you cannot rush. I used to sew all of my ears by hand, as I found a sewing machine too difficult to use. However, I have just recently started using a sewing machine to sew the actual ears, I do still sew everything else by hand. It has definitely sped up my ear making process. I sometimes even unstitch the thread if I'm not pleased with how it has turned out. I have a habit of picking out every imperfection on the ears I make, which leads me to believing they're not good enough to sell I need to get out of the habit of doing so. I find that by taking my time I have a lot less things to be critical over.

2 Make sure you use templates
It took me a while to make the right size templates for the ears, I did find some online but I found that the ears came out way too small. I did some playing around and resizing of the templates until I was happy with the size. When cutting out the fabric I use a larger sized template, so there is more room to sew. I then use a smaller template to draw around the piece of fabric that will actually appear on the ears, this will also be the size and shape of the actual ears. It also gives me a guideline on where I need to sew, I personally wouldn't free hand it!

3 Don't compare yourself to other ear makers 
This is definitely something I have struggled with, and am still struggling with. I have a habit of comparing myself to others, not just when it comes to ear making. Every single pair of Mickey ears that is created is unique and each ear maker brings something different to the market, so someone is going to want to buy a pair of yours. Practice makes perfect, so if you think yours don't look as good as others, then just keep making them! They can only get better as time goes on. Make yourself ears to begin with, there is nothing more rewarding than wearing a pair of your ears and someone asking where you got them and being able to tell them that you made them!

I hope these tips are somewhat helpful! If you're interested in a post all about how I make my ears, then please let me know! It is definitely something I'll be able to do.

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