10 Things I Want to Experience at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

I have currently been to Walt Disney World twice, once in 2010 and 2013, which was far too long ago. Both were amazing trips and I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to go but I miss it more and more every single day. A lot of changes have been made since both of my visits, one of the biggest ones being magic bands, I believe they were introduced in 2013 but after I had been. Before my recent trips my knowledge on the parks definitely was not as extensive as it is now, so I do feel there are things I missed out on due to not doing my research beforehand. There is still a lot that I am eager to experience at Walt Disney World's different parks, so I thought I'd start a new series on blog listing everything that I am hoping to experience at some point in the near future!

My Top 3 Tips For Making Mickey Mouse Ears

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

One of my most recent hobbies includes making Mickey Mouse ears, I am currently beginning the process of setting up my own Etsy store, which I will do a blogpost on when it happens! Ear making was something I have always wanted to try, last year I decided to pick up my mom's sewing kit and give it a go! I'm definitely no expert and the ears I make certainly are not perfect but it is something that I thoroughly enjoy doing, as it keeps my mind occupied. Plus there is nothing more rewarding than being sent pictures of your customers wearing the ears you have handmade at Disney parks! I've seen a lot more people give making ears a go, so I thought I'd leave you with a few tips on how to get started with making your own Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears. All of the ears pictured in this post are ears I have made!

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