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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

I know this post is incredibly late but since watching Beauty and the Beast I have been thinking about how to pile all of my thoughts into a post. I didn't want to write a formal review because I am terrible at writing them. I thought I'd attempt to discuss what and why I love the film. It has been no secret that I have been ridiculously excited for the release of this film since they announced that Emma Watson would be playing Belle. When you have been waiting to see something for so long you do begin to worry that it won't exceed your expectations but this film went above and beyond. I know there has been a ton of hate towards this film prior to its release, hate that I definitely don't remember seeing during the live action Cinderella's release but I'm not here to compare films. I hope you enjoy reading my completely incoherent thoughts on Beauty and the Beast.

The amazing thing about a film remake is yes, elements are going to be different. What what would be the point in remaking a film that already exists just to do a complete carbon copy of it? That is what I loved about the live action Beauty and the Beast, Disney were able to re-imagine a classic story and update elements of a well loved story.

I'd thought it over in my head how the opening scene would be done with the narration, explaining why the Beast and his castle was cursed. I loved that we were able to see the Prince and his servants in their human form before they were cursed and even get a glimpse of his transformation into the Beast. I think that seeing the Prince as a human at the beginning of the film allows us not to feel sorry for him, as we were able to witness his selfishness and unkindness towards the enchantress. Although, I always end up feeling sorry and falling in love with the Beast, making what I just said irrelevant... I like that we are given more of a backstory for the main characters, such as what happened to Belle's mother and the fact that Gaston keeps referring back to his time during the war. When I heard that they had made Belle the inventor I was expecting for it to play a bigger part in the film but I like that it was just a subtle change.

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The first thing I feel is necessary to bring up about the songs is the lack of Human Again... Days in the Sun is such a beautiful song but there is just something about Human Again that makes it so much better! I was disappointed that it wasn't included in the film. Like everyone, I was skeptical and worried that Emma Watson's voice wouldn't match that of a Disney Princess but I do think her voice really suited Belle. Yes, her voice sounded flat at times but I don't think they should have over produced it, it just made it sound worse it places. I loved the little changes they made to the opening number, especially the part with Gaston and Lefou. Belle Reprise is one of my favourite Disney songs and I personally think they did it perfectly, if they didn't have Belle running up a hill then I would have been really disappointed. However, my favourite musical number is Gaston, which surprises me but it is so incredibly well done. Luke Evens and Josh Gad were cast perfectly and they work so well together on screen, plus they both have musical theatre backgrounds and amazing voices. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous for Be Our Guest, as it is such an iconic musical number you really want them to do it justice and they certainly did. The fact that the whole scene is CGI blows my mind, especially because every single detail throughout the song is perfect. I also love the fact that Emma Watson had to sit and stare at nothing and pretending to be totally amazed by what she could see. I'd only listened to about 5 seconds of Evermore before actually seeing the film, so I went into the film not knowing what the expect from it at all but I absolutely love it. I think it is such a beautifully song, as it allowed the audience to have more of an understanding of Beast's feelings towards Belle. I can see why people have said it seems a bit unnecessary because it doesn't do anything for the progression of the film but I loved that Beast had his own song.

Animated costumes can end up looking quite flat, so the detailing in the costumes is extremely important for a live action film and what they did with Belle's villager dress really suits the character. I love the extra layers and florals they used and how she tucks her skirt into her bloomers for practicality, even though it does look slightly odd. Something There has recently become one of my favourite Disney songs and I think that is down to Belle's costume during the song. Ever since I can remember I have wanted Belle's red cape and I love what they did to it for the live action, the whole costume was also completely ethical! The anticipation of waiting to see Belle's ballroom dress was horrendous and I'll admit that at first I was slightly disappointed. After seeing the film and seeing how it moved while she danced, I absolutely loved it but I doactually prefer  Belle's celebration dress. I think all of the costumes in the film were extremely well designed for each character especially Gaston and Beast, they really got them spot on. Giving Cogsworth, Lumiere, etc a more antique look really suited the film, they were beautifully designed and each actor really brought the character to life. I think the casting for this film was impeccable. The sets are beyond beautiful and because they actually built them and didn't use a ton of green screen I think it really makes the film more incredible and beautifully designed. I applaud Disney for their small inclusion of a gay and transgender character, I think it is a huge milestone for Disney.

Overall, I adore this film and I found this post extremely difficult to write, as Beauty and the Beast means a lot to me and I found it hard to show my appreciation for it in a post. I put off writing this post as I felt I couldn't truly put my love for it into words and whether or not I have succeeded, I hope you enjoyed this post regardless.

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