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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Tsum tsum are something that I never considered collecting, I had seen pictures of them when they were only being released in Japan and instantly knew I needed some of them. However, I did not think my collection would get quite as big as it has. If I have counted correctly then I currently have 143 tsum, that's over £429 spent on them... Which is ridiculous and thankfully is not all of my own money. When they were first released in Clintons I set out to go and buy one but ended up coming home with four, I should have known that from that moment on I wouldn't be able to stop buying them. 

I get asked a lot where my shelf is from and it is from The Range! I know they have the grey version available on the website but my dad managed to find a white one in our local store.

I didn't really have a plan when I started collecting tsum tsum, if I saw one I liked I bought it. However, I have since decided that I am only buying ones that I really want, as I have very little room left for anymore. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite films, so when I found out they were being release I knew I had to buy them. They're definitely one of the best collections that has been released, as all of the characters look so perfect. My boyfriend surprised me with the first released Sandy Claws Jack just before we started going out, so that one is really special to me. He has also bought me quite a few of the tsum on my shelf! When I went to Japan in 2015 I walked straight into the Disney Store in Shibuya and put loads of them in my basket. I remember I bought the Lilo and Stitch ones, and the Alien from Toy Story. I can't remember which others I picked up from there. My cousin kindly picked up the Statue of Liberty Minnie tsum for me when he visited New York last year. The A Bug's Life collection are my most recent purchases, I wasn't originally going to buy them but I couldn't resist when I saw them in the Disney Store. The lovely Hannah kindly picked up the Gelatoni tsum tsum from Hong Kong for me.
I consider myself to be a crazy cat lady and The Aristocats is one of my favourite Disney films, so the collection is one I knew that I has to purchase once it was released. Marie was one of the first tsum I bought and I managed to buy Toulouse and Berloiz from a tsum tsum Facebook group before they were released in the UK. Of course I has to buy the whole The Little Mermaid collection, when they were first released I wasn't able to get Ariel and Eric. My auntie surprised me with Ariel and my dad managed to get Eric on eBay! I'm not normally overly fussed about buying the seasonal tsum tsum but I couldn't resist the Easter basket set. I managed to get hold of Dinah, Alice's cat, from a tsum tsum Facekook group! A lovely collector picked one up from a Japanese Disney Store for me and it only cost me £10, including the shipping. There was no question about whether or not I would be purchasing the Beauty and the Beast tsum tsum. However, I did have to ask myself if I really wanted the Mrs. Potts one, as she does resemble an elephant more than a teapot. 

I think the Peter Pan collection are probably some of the most accurate tsum tsum that have been released so far, they are adorable. I made sure I bought them as soon as they were released because I was convinced they'd sell out quickly but they still had quite a few left when I went into the Disney Store on the night. I've definitely cut down on the amount of tsum tsum I buy and that is definitely due to the lack of a good film series being released recently. I shouldn't complain, as it has been good for my bank account.

If you collect tsum tsum I would love to know how many you currently have in your collection!

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  1. Your collection is amazing and the heart display unit is so nice!



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