My Most Memorable Experiences In Japan

Friday, 17 February 2017

It may have been a year and a half since my Japan trip but I still think about it every single day. It is a trip I will honestly never forget and I cannot wait to go back. I experienced so many incredible things while I was there and it was such an unforgettable experience but I thought I'd talk about three of my favourite experiences that I had during my time there! Every moment there was unforgettable but this post would be far too long if I spoke about all of them! My twin brother just recently found out he got a job to teach English in Japan, so it is time I started saving so I can afford to go and visit him. Plus I need to take into consideration everything I am definitely going to want to buy while I am there.

Top 5 Romantic Disney Scenes

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day! As it's the day to celebrate love and romance I thought I'd talk about my top five romantic Disney scenes. I personally love Valentine's Day, I know it is overrated but I love that everything is so pink this time of year. I also understand that you're supposed to show your loved ones that you appreciate them all year round but there is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating your love for each other that little bit more on Valentine's Day. However, no one does romance better than Disney, so only choosing five scenes was extremely difficult!

My Current Tsum Tsum Collection

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Tsum tsum are something that I never considered collecting, I had seen pictures of them when they were only being released in Japan and instantly knew I needed some of them. However, I did not think my collection would get quite as big as it has. If I have counted correctly then I currently have 143 tsum, that's over £429 spent on them... Which is ridiculous and thankfully is not all of my own money. When they were first released in Clintons I set out to go and buy one but ended up coming home with four, I should have known that from that moment on I wouldn't be able to stop buying them. 

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