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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Last week I returned from an amazing trip at Disneyland Paris, I spent two full days in the parks and I had such an incredible time. Of course, I wanted to buy everything in sight but I restrained myself and only spent the euros I took with me. There are a few things I do regret not buying but that's always the case with Disney trips, However, I knew before I went that there were a few items that I definitely wanted to purchase.

I had known that I wanted to buy pins, they weren't something that I had ever considered collecting until I started following more of the DLP community on Twitter. I thought a good way to start was buying the pins for the hotels that I have stayed in, Cheyenne, Santa Fe and Davy Crockett. I love how they have keys hanging from them, hopefully I'll be able to add the other four hotel pins to my collection in the near future! My boyfriend had asked me to buy him the grape soda pin, so I bought us both one as I love when Ellie says to Carl, "you and me, we're in a club now." Of course I had to buy some Halloween themed pins and a Marie one.

Of course buying a new autograph book was one of the first things I had planned, still at the age of 21 I love asking for the characters autograph. I'm not that fond of the selection of the official autograph books that they sell at Disneyland Paris but I'll always gravitate towards one that has the princesses on. I put off buying new pens because I knew I didn't need them but my auntie had some euros left over so I bought the Minnie Mouse pen, I do regret not buying the Marie one that is in the same style! The bookmark was on sale for a euro, so I couldn't say no.

When I went during Christmas time last year, I saw these fluffy Simba socks and I put off buying them for the whole trip, then regretted it. At the end of this trip I had 10 euros left, so I finally bought them. You can never go wrong with a fluffy pair of Disney socks. When my mom and dad went for their 25th anniversary at the end of September last year, they bought the Mickey pumpkin candle holder. However, a few months ago I managed to break it and I was absolutely heartbroken because I didn't think I was going to be able to replace it. As soon as I booked this trip I knew I would be able to replace it and I am so happy. It is finally back on my DVD shelf where it belongs.

I have some empty space on my bedroom wall, so this Rapunzel canvas is perfect and she is also one of my favourite princesses. Also, who can say no to 50% discount? I had seen pictures of the Marie watch popping up on Twitter every now and then and I knew I needed to buy it. Marie, alongside Ariel, is my favourite Disney character and I think this watch is adorable. 
My auntie bought me the Jack Skellington fleece and it was an absolute life saver, on our first day in the park I didn't realise how cold it was. I wore it under my coat on the second day and although I was still freezing, I was extremely glad I'd bought it and it had 50% off. I've been saying to my boyfriend for a few months that I want to buy some earmuffs for our trip to Prague, as soon as I saw that the Minnie Mouse ear muffs had 50% off, I had to buy them. I can't wait to wear them on my trip to Prague! 

I always go to Disney wanting to buy everything in sight but I managed to restrain myself a little bit during this trip. I can't wait to go back for the 25th anniversary!

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