How to Make Your Own Disney Bunting

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

As I was walking home from work last week I noticed that The Works were selling Disney books for £1. I was initially going to buy them to add to my growing collection of Disney items but then I remembered I have some blank wall space in my room and what better way to fill it than creating my own Disney bunting? I had helped my friend make some bunting last year, so I remembered how to make it without it looking like a toddler had done it. As I am not the most artistic person there was definitely a chance that could happen. It is extremely easy to make and does not take too long, I think it would make a perfect handmade gift for any Disney fan. I am also going to be giving one away over on my @Disney_Blogger account once we reach 300 followers, so make sure you are following so you don't miss out!

Things you will need:
Disney books of your choice (make sure the images are big enough to fill the bunting template)
Bunting template

1The first thing you are going to want to do is cut out the images you want on your bunting, making sure you leave enough room at the top of the paper for the bit that you will be folding over the ribbon to keep it in place. Therefore, if you're cutting out a character make sure you leave room above their head, as you do not want to cut off their head.

2Once you have cut out all of the images, I like to stick card onto the back of mine to make them stable and it also prevents them from curling over once you have hung it up. It also covers up the words or image that was on the back of the picture you cut out, making it look neater hung up.

3The next step is to start gluing your pictures onto the ribbon. I like to start at the end of the ribbon, as I know that I will have enough room for all of the images and then cut the ribbon once they are all stuck down. It is also worth piling them up in the order you want the pictures to appear on the bunting, this saves you from putting the pictures in the wrong order.

4Where the bunting template goes narrow at the top, you are going to want to fold this down because this is the part that you will glue over the ribbon to ensure if does not fall off.

5Glue along the part that you have folded over and line it up along the ribbon, fold it back over and press it firmly down. If you are not convinced that glue will keep it stuck down, add a small amount of sellotape. 

6Keep repeating this until you have stuck all of your images down and you will have a Disney themed bunting to hang up! You can also glue some ribbon down over the front of the bunting. 

I think Disney bunting is a lovely way to add a touch of Disney to a room in house, plus it is extremely easy to make! If you do have a go at making this then please send me pictures! Don't forget to follow @Disney_Blogger on Twitter to be in with the chance of winning a Disney bunting!

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  1. Ughhhh that is so stinkin' cute!! I absolutely love your bunting!!

  2. So cute! Can't wait to try making some myself :)
    Steph x.

    1. Thank you, they're so fun and easy to make! x

  3. This is gorgeous! im not sure I have the room on my bedroom walls, but I totally want to try this out. I LOVE it!?

    Sarah xo //

  4. This is so cute and they look brilliant all finished! I'm going to have to keep my eye out in The Works next time I'm in! Great tutorial lovely :)

    Hannah @ Courage and Kindness xx

    1. Thank you so much, Hannah! I love how they turned out! xx


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