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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

I was tagged by the lovely Hannah and Megan to do the 20 facts about my Disney life tag! I am awful at coming up with facts, so I have been reading a lot of other bloggers posts for inspiration! I love reading about other people's Disney side, so I find this tag really interesting. Hopefully, mine is just as interesting as the others that I have read!

1I am really not a fan of Ariel's green park dress, I love meeting Ariel in the parks but it disappoints me that she isn't at least wearing a dress that she can be seen wearing in the film. The dress is beautiful but I would love to see her wearing her kingdom outfit, or even her pink ball gown.

2The first Disney/Pixar films I remember watching are A Bug's Life and Toy Story. 

3I have visited Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland/Disney Sea. I am desperate to visit the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.

4I decided to write my dissertation on Disney and it is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made, I ended up getting a first for it.

5The Nightmare Before Christmas will always hold a special place in my heart for many reasons. Not only did it kick start my love for Tim Burton films and Disney but it also started mine and my dad's tradition of going to see every Tim Burton film together at the cinema. 

6My favourite thing to do is expand my knowledge on Disney, I love nothing more than reading about how the films were created, reading about Walt's life and facts on all of the Disney Parks. 

7When I'm drunk I like to get overly emotional about Disney, I cry about it and deeply confess my love for it to my friends. My friends are extremely aware of how much I love Disney due to many drunken nights out.

8A club near me had a Disney themed night and it was mine and boyfriends, he wasn't my boyfriend at the time, third time meeting each other. I dressed up as Minnie Mouse and he wore Minnie Mouse ears. It is probably the worst Minnie Mouse outfit ever but I loved wearing it.

9Carrying on from number 8 and Disney outfits, last year I left my Halloween costume until the very last minute. My mom and dad had been to Disneyland Paris earlier that month and they bought some of the Halloween ears, so I thought I'd try and revolve a costume around those. I ended up going as a "Disney fan" and used my popcorn bucket from Tokyo DisneySea has a handbag... I really want to try and dress up as Tinkerbell this year, so I can make her adorable shoes.

10Ariel has been my favourite princess for as long as I can remember, I'm naturally a red head so I loved that there was a princess with red hair. I love her longing for adventure and her determination to follow her dreams. She is also the reason as to why I used to dye my hair bright red.

11My twin brother's favourite Disney film is Tangled, which is also one of my favourite Disney films and we're even considering getting matching Tangled tattoos.

12The castle nighttime shows are one of my favourite things about visiting a Disney Park, it always makes me really emotional and I just think they are incredibly well done. Unfortunately, I was really disappointed with the Disney Dreams of Christmas at Disneyland Paris, as it was very Frozen orientated.

13My favourite non-princess character is Marie, I love cats so it only seems fitting that she would be one of my favourite characters.

14I made my very first pair of Minnie Mouse ears this week and I honestly had so much fun doing it, I've just ordered some fabric so I can attempt to make some more! I'm hoping that it will turn into my new little hobby.

15I'm not a pin collector or trader but it is something that I really want to get into, I love Disney pins and I'm not too sure why I never buy them when I visit the park. My biggest regret is not buying one when I went to Tokyo Disney last year.

16Being able to visit Disneyland Resort one day would be a dream come true. I'd preferably want to visit it during the Halloween season, so I can ride the Haunted Mansion when it is the Haunted Mansion holiday and is all decked out with the settings and characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

17I used to be terrified of the vampires in The Nightmare Before Christmas, even though it has always been one of my favourite films, I couldn't watch the parts they were in. For some reason I used to have a terrible fear of vampires.

18I like to collect the fastpasses from each park I have visited, I have some from Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland and I'm so glad I decided to keep some from Walt Disney World.

19As well as tsum tsums, I love the Disney pop vinyls. I don't have room for anymore in my bedroom but I'm definitely going to end up buying more. 

20As cheesy as it is, Disney is something that has always made me extremely happy. Whenever I see an advert for a Disney park it always makes me really emotional that I'm not there. I listen to Disney music everyday, as it is something that I can always count on to put me in a better mood.

I hope you enjoyed reading these 20 facts about my Disney life, I am pretty sure everyone has already done this tag but if you haven't, I tag you to do it!

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  1. Your minnie ears turned out fabulous. And your Minnie Mouse outfit to the club is cute too! Love this tag. Thanks for sharing on the Disney Blogger Link Up


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