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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

I remember seeing tsum tsums being released in Japan and hoping that they would soon come to the UK. As soon as I realised it was the day of the release I ran around to Clintons and bought my first four. I never thought that I would become so obsessed with buying them but every new set that is brought out, I have to purchase them. I'm more than likely going to need a separate room for my collection in the near future, as the tsum tsum that have been announced look adorable. 
1How many Tsum Tsum's do you have?
I currently own 102 minis and 2 medium tsums, with Dinah currently on her way from Japan! This amount will definitely be increasing though...

2What was your first Tsum Tsum?
My first were Minnie, Marie, Daisy and Winnie the Pooh!

3Do you own a full set of Tsum Tsum?
I do, I own the full The Little Mermaid set, of course! I almost own the whole The Nightmare Before Christmas set as well, I just don't own the vampire teddy one. I own the majority of the Peter Pan set too, I'm just 3 short. 

4What is your favourite set of Tsum Tsum's?
Definitely The Little Mermaid and The Nightmare Before Christmas ones! I think the NBC ones are so accurate and I have seen pictures of the Mayor for an upcoming release, which I'm really excited about. I love The Aristocats ones too, as I managed to get my hands on Toulouse and Berloiz. 

5Who is your most wanted Tsum Tsum?
I do wish I had a lot of the tsum tsums that are released in Japan, when I went last year they didn't have many limited ones but now they seem to be bringing out more and more. I regret not getting the Christmas box last year as well and I would love some of the Japanese Halloween ones. 

6What set are you waiting for them to make?
I was waiting for Beauty and the Beast but I've seen pictures of a future release for those. I would love Hercules tsum though, that would be amazing but I do want all of the princesses to be made into tsum. 

7Do you collect just Disney Tsum Tsum's, or do you also collect Marvel and Star Wars ones?
I collect Star Wars and Marvel ones too, although I only have 3 Marvel ones. The Star Wars ones are too good not to purchase.

8Do you own any Tsum Tsum's that are manufactured by people other than Disney?
I only have the posh paw ones, other than Disney's. Are there any other manufacturers? 

9Do you dislike any Tsum Tsum's?
I was really let down my the Flynn Rider tsum tsum, you couldn't really tell it was him. I'm hoping they make the future Prince's a lot easier to distinguish when you have them stacked.

10Is there anyone you think they should have released with previous sets?
The Mayor and Ooogie Boogie with The Nightmare Before Christmas sets, definitely. How could they not include Oogie Boogie? The Lost Boys from Peter Pan would have been adorable, also. I know there are so many other tsum tsum I wish they'd released but my mind has gone completely blank. 

I tag anyone who hasn't done this tag yet to do it! What are your favourite tsum tsum that you own?

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