The Disney Tsum Tsum Tag

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

I remember seeing tsum tsums being released in Japan and hoping that they would soon come to the UK. As soon as I realised it was the day of the release I ran around to Clintons and bought my first four. I never thought that I would become so obsessed with buying them but every new set that is brought out, I have to purchase them. I'm more than likely going to need a separate room for my collection in the near future, as the tsum tsum that have been announced look adorable. 

Top 5 Disney Reprise Songs

Sunday, 19 June 2016

I love listening to the Disney reprises, sometimes more than the actual songs. A reprise is a repeated passage in music and it will occur after the main song has taken place. I personally believe that Disney reprises do not receive the love they deserve. They are just as amazing, if not better, than the original song and really wrap up the songs as a whole. It was difficult for me to narrow it down to just five but here are my top 5 Disney reprise songs! These are in no particular order. Let know what your favorites are in the comments!

Travel | Portugal 2016

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

I know I have been pretty quiet on the blogging sphere for the last month, I've found it really difficult to just sit down and write. After being continuously sat in front of my laptop writing my dissertation and doing my other university assignments, the last thing I wanted was to be hunched over my laptop. Last week me and my boyfriend went on our first holiday together to Albufeira in Portugal, I had such an incredible week. I thought I'd post some pictures on here and talk a little bit about my time there, rather than doing separate posts I'm going to do it one big post. Coming back to the bleak English weather was not fun at all, especially because the weather was so beautiful in Portugal. 
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