Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Too Faced was always a brand I never really thought twice about until early last year. For Christmas I asked for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and ever since it has been my go to palette to use every single day. I have seen so many beauty vloggers using and talking about this palette, as soon as I saw that Too Faced had released it in America, I knew I needed to buy it. The palette instantly caught my eye, as I am obsessed with brightly coloured make-up packaging and the shades looked beautiful. I had no idea when this was going to be released in the UK but thankfully I noticed someone retweet Debenhams tweet announcing it was in stock. Of course, I instantly added it to my basket and bought it.

I was so curious to know what this smells like, I knew it smelt like peaches as that was pretty obvious but peaches to me don't really have a scent. Therefore, the first thing I did once I had ripped off the outer packaging was give it a good sniff. I was pleasantly surprised, even though it did not smell like how I was expecting it to, I still love the scent. When I use it to do my make up, I always sit smelling it for ages and I may have even licked some off of my finger to see if it tastes like peaches too... It does. Too Faced are quickly becoming my favourite brand, I love their palettes and I think that the fact they actually have a scent makes them extremely unique.The palette retails for £39 and I think it is definitely worth the money, considering you get 18 beautifully pigmented eye shadows.

The shades are so beautiful and I knew that I would use every single one of them. I was putting off buying new eye shadows because I knew I wanted to buy this palette when it was released, However, I became impatient and ended up purchasing the Morphe 35T palette but as soon as I saw this was in stock I had to buy it. I love Too Faced eye shadows because they are so pigmented and really easy to blend. You able to create so many different looks with them. It comes with various matte and shimmer shades, I tend to stick to using more of the shimmer shades but I am trying to kick myself out of that habit. I wasn't sure what to expect, I had only ever seen pictures of it online and pictures can be extremely deceiving. I am not surprised at all to say that I love this palette and all of the shades in it. You have some lovely transition colours for your crease and white peach is my go to brow highlight now. My only complaint is that I was expecting more peachy colours, due to its name but I am not disappointed at all. The scent also isn't quite as strong as the chocolate bar palette but they are two completely different scents.

The palette contains perfect summer shades, you are able to use the lighter shades to create more of a daytime look but darker shades are also available as well. I used to stay away from dark shades, due to thinking they did not suit me. However, ever since I bought Urban Decay's Smoky palette I have really taken to creating a darker, smoky eye. I have especially fallen in love with the shade 'Peach Pit', it is a beautiful shimmery purple with a slight hint of rose gold, it looks incredible blended with 'Bellini.' I find Too Faced palettes are also really easy to travel with, I somehow managed to drop it about 3 times on the day I got it and it is still in perfect condition. I will definitely be taking this palette with me when I go on holiday at the beginning of June, as well as the chocolate bar palette.

Too Faced are definitely becoming one of my favourite make up brands, as I have not been disappointed with any of their products that I have used so far. I will more than likely be purchasing more of their palettes in the future and be looking into trying out some of their matte liquid lipsticks.
Have you tried any of Too Faced products?

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  1. I keep hearing amazing things about this palette I definitely want to try it! Great post lovely!

    Ella xx


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