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Sunday, 1 May 2016

I know, another tag post but I have a ton of exciting posts planned for the next upcoming months and I cannot wait to start putting them all together. This time I am doing the Walt Disney World tag, I didn't get tagged to do it but I thought it'd be a fun and easy post for me to do! I have a love, hate relationship with tags posts, as I love answering all of the questions and reminiscing about my visits to Disney but it also makes me miss it even more. I am in desperate need of booking a trip soon!

1First time you visited Walt Disney World?
The first time I visited Disney World was on July 17th 2015, when I was 15 years old and I went with my aunt and uncle and it is a trip that I will never forget, Of course I will always cherish every opportunity that I get to visit a Disney but as this was my first time in America and Disney World, I will definitely never forget it.

2♥ What is your favourite park?
Magic Kingdom, definitely! Fantasyland is my favourite land in all of the parks and in Magic Kingdom it is just extra magical for me because of how quintessentially Disney it is. Plus it is home to some of my all time favourite attractions and it also has Prince Eric's castle, which took my breath away the first time I saw it. Fantasyland, to me, is the land that represents the magic of Disney in every way possible.

3 What is your favourite land in Magic Kingdom?
Fatasyland, always!

4 What is your favourite Disney resort hotel?
I have only ever stayed in one Disney hotel in Florida and that was the Art of Animation Resort but I know that it will always be my favourite. I got to stay in The Little Mermaid themed room and if there's something you should know about me, it is my love for that film. The rooms are decorated incredibly and the detail that has gone into every part of the resort is amazing. I was even able to buy the shower curtain that they have in the rooms to take home, which will one day be put up in my bathroom when I eventually move into my own place.

5 What is your favourite snack?
Popcorn, I love the popcorn that they sell at Disney, it has its own unique taste and it is super easy to carry around in the cute containers you're able to buy.

6 What is your favourite souvenir?
I have bought so many things from Disney World it is so hard to just pick one but I do love my dinglehopper brush!

7♥ What is your favourite table service and counter service?
My favourite table service restaurant is definitely Be Our Guest when you go for dinner, the whole atmosphere is extremely magical and I could not get over how amazing the detail in every room was.

8♥ What is your favourite ride?
Journey of The Little Mermaid, I honestly will never get bored of it and I'll never forget the first time I went on it.

9 What is your favourite show?
Wishes, one of my favourite things about visiting any Disney park is their nighttime castle show.

10 What is your favourite parade or firework show?
Wishes, although I do love the Main Street Electrical Parade.

11 What is your favourite pavilion in EPCOT?
Japan, definitely! Japan is my favourite country and I was lucky enough to visit it last year. The EPOCT pavilion is so amazing and they sell the best merchandise, as they have a lot of Studio Ghibli stuff! Plus I drank SO much iced green tea last time and ever since that has been my go to summer drink. The detail that has gone into is incredible, I really did feel like I was in Japan.

12 What colour is your magic band?
Unfortunately I do not own a magic band, yet!

13 Who is your favourite character to meet?
I always love meeting Ariel as she is my favourite character but I had such an amazing time when I met Tiana and Naveen together. They play off of each other so well and it doesn't hurt that Naveen is extremely handsome.

14 Who is a character you have not met but would like to?
Peter Pan, it pains me that I have no yet met him as I am SO desperate to! It is on the top of my list to do for my next trip.

15 What is your best Disney memory?
I have so many incredible Disney memories, I will never forget walking into Magic Kingdom and seeing the castle for the first time. During my trip in 2013 I had bright red hair and I had so many people, even the characters, tell me that I looked like Ariel. I even had a few people come up to me and tell me I look like a princess and that is something I will never, ever forget. Walking into Be Our Guest for the first time was beyond any words can explain but I cannot wait to go back and be able to enjoy a cider in the Rose & Crown. I  think I might do a post just on my favourite Disney memories!

I tag anyone who wants to do this post!

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