Morphe Brushes 35T Palette

Sunday, 24 April 2016

When it comes to buying make up I am extremely indecisive, I wish I was able to buy all of it as there is so much that I want. One of my favourite beauty products to buy is definitely eye shadow, I love the feeling of opening up a new palette and all of the shadows are completely untouched. I knew that with my birthday money I wanted to buy a new eye shadow palette, I originally had my eyes on the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette and Gwen Stefani's Urban Decay Palette. I spent so much time flicking through pictures of them trying to decide which one to buy and I did almost end up buying both, then I was introduced to the beautiful Morphe Brushes Taupe Palette and I instantly fell in love. I'd seen Morphe Brushes products floating around the blogging and YouTube sphere for such a long time but I never really thought twice about it because I was just expecting it to be another expensive brand that I would not be able to afford. However, I was extremely wrong. 

They sell the palette on Beauty Bay for £18 and for 35 eye shadows I thought it was an incredible deal, as I knew I would use every single shadow, gold and bronze are always my go to shades when I can't decide what look I want to go for. Beauty Bay's delivery is incredible, if you spend over £20 then postage is free and your package will usually arrive within 1 or 2 days, so I highly recommend having a look at their website! I also bought two of their brushes, which can be seen in the pictures but I am planning on doing a separate blog post all about my favourite make up brushes.

The only downside to having 35 eye shadows is trying to decide which ones to use, from plums, to rose golds, to taupes, to cool tones, to natural tones, from mattes, to satins, this palette has everything. The packaging is sleek but basic, you definitely should not judge this product by its packaging. The shades are extremely easy to blend and they are smooth to apply, most of the shades blend and look perfect together so you are able to create a wide variety of looks. I find the colours are perfect for summer, I love wearing lighter gold shades when the weather is warmer and the second row of shadows are exactly what I was looking for. As I have naturally auburn hair I find that gold tones suit me more than other colours but I love playing around with purple and pink shades, as I am trying to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to experimenting with make up.

The colours are extremely pigmented and you do not need a ton of product on your brush, a couple of lighter shades do need to be built up more than others but I prefer starting out with very little product on my brush so I can build it up if it is needed. For my everyday make up look I usually tend to use three eye shadows and because I was using the same eye shadows over and over, I was starting to get bored of doing my make up. With this palette I have so much variety but I do get slightly overwhelmed when I open it up to start doing my make up, however I have started to enjoy doing my make up again now that I have a new palette to experiment with. I did read that Morphe products have been known to irritate some peoples eyes, my eyes can be pretty sensitive but these have been absolutely fine for me so far. So if you do suffer with sensitive eyes I would recommend fully reading up on the ingredients that go into the eye shadows. 

Below I have swatched just a few of the shades on my incredibly pale skin, so you are able to see just how pigmented and beautiful they are.

I had never really considered purchasing anything from Morphe Brushes other than their brushes but I am so happy that I made the decision to buy this palette, I will definitely be buying another one soon and also adding to my brush collection. If you have any of the Morphe palettes please let me know which one and how you find using it!

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  1. Love this post! I'm seeing morphe brushes everywhere at the moment but not yet the palette. I'm obsessed OBSESSED! They're all my kind shades too, thanks so much for sharing - found you through twitter! xx

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