Maple & Whisky Disney Themed Candles & Reed Diffuser

Friday, 8 April 2016

One of the most memorable things from visiting a Disney park for me is definitely the scents you smell around the parks, each land has its own scent and all of them bring back different memories for me. I never even considered that it might be possible to bring these particular scents home with you and have your house smell like Disney but it just so happens that you can. I came across the company Maple & Whisky just before Christmas and instantly knew that I needed to purchase some of their candles, so I asked my elder brother to get me one for Christmas and I have become obsessed ever since. I am still yet to light the candle my brother got me because I have been waiting for the day I finally bought more of their candles so could write a post on them, I'll also be talking about the reed diffuser I was lucky enough to trial.

Maple & Whisky offer two types of wax for their candles, pure soy wax which provides a more subtle scent throw, or parasoy blend which is ideal if you are looking for a strong scent. I go for the parasoy as I love when you are really able to smell the scent of the candle, you can also choose between a cotton wick or a woodwick. When buying any candle, make sure the wax pool has melted to the sides of the jar before blowing it out, to ensure you are not wasting any of the product. The burn time of the candles is incredible and the smell throw is even better, I can smell them from all over my house when it has been lit. These are the three candles from Maple & Whisky that I have.

Mickey Waffles 8oz Jar (£7.50)

If I could eat Mickey Waffles every single day for breakfast without it being extremely unhealthy, I definitely would. Not only do they look incredibly adorable as they are Mickey Mouse in waffle form but they also taste amazing, so obviously I had to purchase this candle. This candle smells extremely buttery, with a hint of maple syrup and is perfect if you love your house to smell like you just done some baking. Something I had planned to do when I went to Disneyland Paris in December was have some Mickey waffles in Cafe Fantasia and I was really looking forward to it but they have stopped making them, so I bought this candle in the hopes it would fill my longing for a Mickey waffle and it most certainly has.

Main Street Bakery 8oz Jar (£7.50)

A memorable scent for me is definitely the smell of the bakery as you are walking down Main Street, I love fresh bakery scents so there was no doubt in my mind that this candle would be purchased. This particular candle smells like cinnamon rolls that have been freshly baked with a slight hint of chocolate chip cookies, before I started going out with my boyfriend I don't think I had ever tried a cinnamon roll but now I am obsessed. When I am baking I love the scent that fills my house but as I have been busy with university work recently, I haven't been able to do as much as I would like. Therefore, this candle enables the house to smell like I have been baking, without any baking actually being involved. If you are a fan of exceptionally fresh bakery scents, then you will definitely love this candle.

Philharmagic 12oz jar (£10.50)

I remember seeing Philharmagic for the first the time in 2010 and I instantly fell in love with it, I love how it has some of my favourite Disney songs incorporated into it and the 4D experience is amazing. One of the most memorable scents from Disney for me is in Philharmagic when Belle holds out the pie during Be Our Guest, that particular scent of apple pie stuck with me until I went back to Florida in 2013 and it has stayed with me ever since. When I saw this candle on their website I asked my brother straight away if he would buy it me for Christmas, I was so excited to finally be able to smell it and it exceeded my expectations, it smells amazing and it brings back so many memories. Out of the 4 scents from Maple & Whisky that I have smelt, this is by far my favourite. If you're a fan of Philharmagic and love the fresh scent of apple pie, then this candle is exactly what you are looking for.

 Main Street Popcorn 100ml Reed Diffuser (£7.75)

I was extremely lucky enough to be able to trial one of their reed diffusers before they were officially released, which sold out on the first day they put them up for sale! I was able to choose from one of their many scents and it was such a difficult decision. When walking down Main Street and around by the hub the smell of popcorn for me is so potent and noticeable, it is a smell that I truly associate with a Disney Park. I remember opening it and smelling it for the first time and being blown away, my brother smelt it and the first thing he said was "how do they do that?" The three candles and this reed diffuser smell exactly like what they are supposed to, my room constantly smells like the popcorn you can buy at Disney and honestly it makes me so happy. My brother tells me that when he walks past my bedroom he gets hit with the smell of popcorn, which shows how strong the scent throw is. I make sure I rotate the reeds every morning as well, as I find the smell is a lot more noticeable afterwards.The bottles will also have a label on them, so when you have it out on display people will know what the scent is! If you're not a fan of candles because you have small children or you just don't like open flames, then I highly suggest purchasing one of these when they're back in stock if you want your house to have a Disney themed scent!

I cannot recommend Maple & Whisky's products enough, they also sell wax melts and tealights, as well as releasing a candle called "The Black Pearl" soon which is based off of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. If you love Disney and candles, then definitely check out their etsy page! I know I will continue to purchase their candles and the Philharmagic reed diffuser will definitely be purchased when my Main Street Popcorn one runs out.

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  1. I've wanted to try these candles for the longest time! I do have some of the Walter & Rosie Disney scents but with it being based in the US shipping can get quite expensive, these are definitely on my must buy list, now just to decide what scents to go for!

    1. You definitely need to check them out, the shipping is so reasonable and the scents are incredible! x

  2. Omg I need these candles! Although I am a bit skeptic about buying scented things online, but hey. What's the worst thing that can happen? xx

    1. These scents are incredible! I always worry that I won't like the scent when it arrives but all four of the ones I have smell incredible! x

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