My Disney Wishlist | Part One

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

I have seen quite a few Disney bloggers do posts all about their Disney wishlist, so I thought I'd put one together! Disney merchandise is my weakness but unfortunately I'm running out of space in my room for it and some of it I cannot get my hands on in the UK. It is official, Japan definitely get the best Disney merchandise and I regret not buying everything when I was there in July last year. Although, I did come home with a ton of Disney merchandise, I just couldn't resist but they have just started releasing a lot more products and everything is so, so adorable. This is just part one because there is definitely more stuff that belongs on this wishlist but I couldn't fit it in the picture! It also appears that my wishlist has a colour scheme, which was completely unintentional.

The Aristocats Tsum Tsum
I know these are currently only available in Japan and I'm hoping that they're released in the UK soon because I definitely need them to add to my already over-the-top tsum tsum collection. As you may not know I love cats and Marie is one of my favourite Disney characters, I already have her in a small and medium tsum. Toulouse, Berlioz, Duchess and Thomas O'Malley all look perfect as tsum tsum, some of the characters are a bit hit and miss but these just look adorable and as soon as they are released I will definitely be purchasing them.

The Aristocats Bags
I saw a picture of these and knew straight away that they were released in the Disney Store's in Japan, what I love about Japan is they make merchandise of the characters who don't receive as much love in the UK and America, such as Marie and Stitch. The heart shaped bag with Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz on is probably one of the cutest bags I have ever seen, I would love this as a print because the way they have been drawn is so beautiful. I need to go back to Japan as soon as possible!

Disney Be Magical Pandora Charm ($55)
Disney Cinderella Pandora Heart Charm ($55)

Unfortunately, Disney Pandora charms are not available the UK yet because they don't have the licensing to sell them here, I believe. I often go on the website just to scroll through all of them, which is a bad idea as it makes me even more sad that I'm not able to buy them yet. I'm not a fan of a lot of Disney jewellery as I think it can look quite tacky, I do have a Mickey Mouse ring that I bought in Florida which I have been wearing for almost 3 years though and I love it, but these are lovely. They're not too over-the-top Disney either and I hope they're released here soon.

Disney Princess Cosplay Costume
I always find my myself on etsy looking at Disney costumes and they're all so beautiful, it would be my dream to own the incredible costumes that Official Ariel owns, if you don't follow him on Instagram you definitely should. Rapunzel's outfit is probably one of my favourites, I love the detailing on it and I love her hair when she has it in the plait with all of the flowers in it. The other cosplay I would love to do is Ariel in her kingdom outfit, to me it is the outfit that is quintessentially Ariel, apart from her seashell bra and tail, I really am not a fan of the green dress she wears in the parks. 

Adorkable Apparel Urban Mermaid Crop Top ($27.99)
I have had my eye on this top since Traci Hines announced that she was releasing an Ariel styled top, I've been putting off buying it because it is quite pricey for what it is. However, I will eventually get around to purchasing it as I love how subtly Ariel it is and she is my favourite princess. She has quite a few other clothing items on her website, so if you're looking for Disney clothes that are a bit more subtle, then definitely head over to the Adorkable Apparel website!

Disney Traditions Rapunzel & Pascal Figure (£27.49)
I own three Disney Traditions figures, I have Ariel sat on the carousel horse, Marie and Anna and Elsa and I think they're beautiful. I love the colouring of them and how they have been sculpted, I find some Disney figures tend to make the colours a bit too bright but these are perfect. I don't actually have any room for the Rapunzel one but I have wanted this for quite a while now, I love that she has her crown on and how her hair has been designed. It really is a gorgeous figure and I will more than likely end up buying this with my birthday money. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my wishlist, I found myself reading a lot of others Disney wishlists so if you have done one then please send me the link to it!

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  1. The aristocats tsum tsums and bags are absolutely adorable - marie was always my favourite disney character when I was a kid so I'll definitely be getting them as and when they come to England!

    Sammy xo.

    1. I really hope they are released in England, the Japanese merchandise would be SO popular! x

  2. You can never have enough disney merch! This is such a cute idea and will definitely make for an awesome wishlist wednesday post! Those aristocat tsum tsums and that little mermaid top are so so cute!

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

    1. That is very true, I just can't stop buying it! I can't wait to see what's on your wishlist! x


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