My Disney Confessions | Part One

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

I have a few Disney confessions that I have been thinking about and after seeing Sam and Amy do a blog post all about their own Disney confessions, I thought it would be fun to give it a go and put mine on my blog for everyone to read. This is just part one, so I will definitely be doing more of these posts as I really enjoyed writing these 7 confessions and I will more than likely come up with a new one to write about straight after I publish this post. If you have any Disney confessions then let me know in the comments!

1♥  I am a pretentious Disney fan.
A couple of years ago Sarah Snitch made a video all about being a "pretentious" Disney fan on her YouTube channel and as I was watching it I realised that I can relate to everything she is saying. Most Disney fans are probably the same way, if someone states a Disney fact and you know they are wrong then you have to correct them, you cannot let them go on without telling them that they are in fact wrong. I like to tell people Disney facts whether or not they want to hear them, I enjoy pouring my knowledge of Disney onto other people, especially my family and my boyfriend. I can't watch "guess the Disney song" videos on YouTube without getting angry, they usually play it so they can establish who the biggest Disney fan is but I just find myself shouting the songs at the screen and getting annoyed if they do not guess them straight away. I could go on and on about being a pretentious Disney fan but you should definitely watch Sarah's video on it here:

2♥  I have a ginger cat called Chip.
This isn't typically the most interesting Disney confession but I thought it was cute. I had always wanted a ginger cat to call Ariel and about 3 and a half years ago we took in a pregnant cat and behold, she gave birth to a ginger kitten, of course I called it Ariel straight away. About 2 weeks later I discovered that "she" was in fact a boy, so I called him Chip after the little teacup in Beauty and the Beast. He turns 4 on 1st July.

3♥  When people call Disney World, Disneyland or vice versa.
This definitely should not irritate me as much as it does and I know other Disney fans can definitely relate to this. I always see people on social media expressing how excited they are to go to "Disneyland", when they are in fact going to Disney World. I have also seen a few people refer to Disneyland Paris as Disney World and now I am seeing people call Shanghai Disneyland, China Disneyland... Please let me know if I am not the only one that gets annoyed by this.

4♥  Beast's real name is NOT Adam.
My Disney confession in regards to this is that nothing get on my nerves more when people refer to Beast as "Adam", I admit that for a while I thought that Beast's name was Adam but then I thought about it and not once in the film is he addressed as "Adam." After doing some research and watching a few YouTube videos, I finally came to the realistation that his name is just simply Beast, so when I see people refer to him as Adam I would love to do nothing more than correct them. Glen Keane even admitted in a video that Beast does not have a name and that he never referred to him as anything but Beast and that Belle also only ever referred to him as that as well. That video can be found here:

5♥ Tangled deserves more recognition than Frozen.
Don't get me wrong, I like Frozen but I honestly do not think it deserves to be the phenomenon that it has become. Tangled definitely did not receive the love that it deserves, it is such a beautifully, animated film and the songs are incredible. Tangled should have been considered for Broadway before Frozen, I believe it would have been adapted for the stage a lot better as the costumes, music and sets are so much more beautiful. 

6♥  I actually enjoy watching Peter Pan: Return to Neverland & The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea.
I know there are some that really don't like the Disney sequels as they are not canon but I really enjoy watching these two films, the animation compared to some of the other DisneyToons Studio films is actually pretty decent and the stories are enjoyable. Also, I find the songs in Return to the Sea extremely catchy.

7♥ My dissertation is Disney related.
Considering I have to write a project that is between 7000-10,000 words it is a lot easier if you decide to write about something you love and enjoy, as I am doing a film degree I have chosen to write about Disney. As much as I love Disney and enjoy researching everything to do with it, I cannot wait for the day where I can hand it in and be done with it.

I'm not sure how many of these are actually "confessions" but I hope you enjoyed reading them none-the-less!

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  1. I loved this post, a great Disney post with a twist! Chip is the cutest little thing, but I definitely agree that Tangled deserves so much more recognition that Frozen.

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you like it! I'm so glad I am not the only one who believes Tangled deserves more recognition!

      Victoria | AccioVictoria

  2. Oh wow, that's so amazing that your dissertation is around Disney! What's the specific topic? I also get so frustrated at people calling the different Disney parks by their wrong names!


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