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Friday, 18 March 2016

I have been sat looking through my pictures of my trip to Japan for a few minutes and I came across the ones I took while I was at Universal Studios in Osaka. I thought I'd compile them all into a blog post and talk about my day there! I don't talk about my love for Harry Potter as much I do Disney but as you can probably guess from my blog name, I love Harry Potter and that was one of the reasons I wanted to visit Universal Studios while I was in Osaka. The Wizarding World looks exactly the same as the one in Florida and they sell the same merchandise but I could not pass up the opportunity to visit. I might start doing more posts on Harry Potter, as it has played a big part in my life for such a long time. Maybe there's a Harry Potter tag floating around somewhere? I didn't actually take that many pictures in The Wizarding World part, as I took SO many photos while I was in Florida and like I said, it looks exactly the same and it was pretty bleak day. However, I hope you enjoy the pictures I did happen to take!

To get into The Wizarding World you had to get a ticket that had a certain time and it told you you could return within a certain hour, this was to prevent it from reaching capacity I'm guessing but it was still extremely busy. The wait time for Forbidden Journey was over 3 hours but the wait times for most of the rides in the studios were incredibly long, so we didn't actually make it on any rides during the day, which I was slightly disappointed about but I still had an incredible day. The layout and the rides are completely different to ones in Florida, minus The Wizarding World, so I'd loved just looking around and taking everything in.

I always get really emotional when I walk in to Hogsmeade, you read about these places and watch them come to life on screen, so you never imagine that one day you'll actually be able to wander around somewhere that looks exactly how you would have imagined it to. They also play the music from the films around the park, which makes it even more magical, the music is one of my favourite things about Harry potter. I have rode all of the rides while I was in Florida, although they don't have Dueling Dragons in Osaka, so I didn't really fancy waiting in line for 3 hours. However, unlike Florida they have a separate line where you can just walk around the castle to have a look around without having to wait in the queue, which I definitely did.

As I was wandering around trying to find a map, I stumbled into a pink cafe and I knew that I needed to eat something in there because it was my idea of heaven. Pink is my favourite colour and I love anything cutesy and かわいい (kawaii). They sold a lot of minion merchandise and they had some minion cupcakes in the cafe, they were adorable. I had had a Pink Panther ice-cream sundae, which I couldn't eat most of as it had jelly in the bottom but I did get to keep the mug. It was also raining so it was nice to be inside and sat down, as I had sandals on and the rain was making my feet slip around in them. They also had a Spider-Man section in the park, which for some reason I didn't take any pictures of as Spider-Man is my all time favourite superhero. I did buy some socks to wear though, as my shoes were rubbing me. So yes, I was wearing socks with sandals. I should have definitely bought some more Spider-Man merchandise while I was there though.

 There is also a One Piece section in the park which I had no idea about, my twin brother loves the manga so it was awesome to have a wander around and look at all of the detail that had gone into everything, they also sold a ton of One Piece merchandise in the shop. Around the park they have various face painting stations, I was going to have the Gryffindor flag painted but when I saw how much it was I decided not to. Obviously, I instantly regretted it as I then had Chopper painted on my face (ignore my make-up), which I loved and I had glitter on my face for ages after I had wiped it off.
We then ate in the Hard Rock Cafe on the boardwalk, where I just had a simple veggie burger and then looked around the remaining shops that we walked past on the way in. I wasn't expecting it to be as busy as it was when we went but I still had an incredible time, I did have a picture with the Spider-Man figure they had that hangs upside down but I have no idea where it has vanished to. I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures that I did manage to take while I was there!

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  1. This place looks amazing! I've been to the one in Orlando but this one looks great too! Hope you had a lovely time.


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