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Monday, 29 February 2016

I love doing tags, especially the Disney related ones because I always enjoy answering all of the questions! I'm currently in my third year at university, so I may not be able to post as much as I would like until the 9th May, which is when my dissertation is due. It is extremely scary but I am excited to to finish my degree. Therefore, I might start doing a few tags just so I am able to get a post up, so if you've done any tags please link me to them!

1♥  When was your first trip and how many times have you been?
The first time I visited Disneyland Paris I was 8 years old and I remember it really well because it is around the time when I began to truly love Disney. We went during Halloween time and I remember walking through Disney Village and hearing This Is Halloween and my little 8 year old self got so excited. I think since that trip I have been twice? I am definitely going to be going a lot more in the future. Here's a picture of me from my first trip not quite knowing how to smile.

2♥ What Disney hotels and you stayed in? One that you haven't stayed in that you'd like to?
I have stayed in the Davy Crockett Ranch and Santa Fe twice. I would absolutely love to stay in the Disneyland Paris hotel, my mom and dad have and from the pictures they took and the time I had a wander around, it looks so beautiful. Hopefully one day I'll be able to afford to stay there, it is my absolute dream. 

3♥ What is your favourite restaurant? 
As I'm vegetarian I find the food chooses at Disneyland extremely limited, so the last two times I've gone I haven't eaten in the restaurants that are actually in in the parks, except for when I have had lunch in which case I just had a salad. So I'd have to say my favorite restaurant is the Rainforest Cafe in Disney Village, I love animals and I love the atmosphere, I also find it has a wider selection of vegetarian options to choose from.

4 A restaurant you'd like to eat in that you haven't?
I'd love to eat in Auberge de Cenderillon, I had breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table in Magic Kingdom and I absolutely loved it, so next time I visit Paris I'm making sure I dine with the princesses again! Blue Lagoon in Adventureland is also one I'd love to eat in next time I'm in the park.

5♥  Your favourite quick service/fast food?
On my last trip to Disneyland for lunch we ate in Cafe Hyperion because there were always seats inside and you can watch the Jedi Training when it is taking place as well. I also like looking at the Star Wars themed food they have there, so I'd say Cafe Hyperion is my current favourite. 

6♥  What is your favourite shop?
I love any shop that sells Disney merchandise but my favourite has definitely got to be World of Disney, they sell everything in there and there is so much to look at inside. You can honestly never get bored in there and I always spot something new each time I go in, it is where most of my money is spent. I always look forward to going in World of Disney just as much as I look forward to going in the parks. 

7♥  Your favourite season or event?
I've been lucky enough to visit the park during Halloween, Christmas and Swing Into Spring but my favourite has got to be Christmas. Ever since I can remember it had been a dream of mine to visit Disney during the Christmas season and last year I was finally able to! Walking into the park for the first time and seeing the tree and all the decorations was so incredibly magical, the only downside is that it is beyond freezing but just make sure you wrap up warm! Swing Into Spring is also beautiful because nothing beats seeing Disney in the sunshine.

8♥  Disneyland Paris or Walt Disney Studios?
Disneyland Paris, without a doubt. Everything is so much more magical and it just feels more like Disney to me when I am in this park, so I do spend most of my trips there. 

9Your favourite ride in each park?
In Disneyland it has got to be Peter Pan's Flight, it is not a successful trip to Disney unless I have been able to ride this ride and in Walt Disney Studios it is Crush's Coaster. I have never been on a roller coaster like it before and I love it, the area where you board the road is so well done. 

10 Your favourite land in the Disneyland Park?
Fantasyland, I don't even have to think twice about it. It is my favourite land in Orlando and Tokyo as well, for me it is the land that honestly represents the true magic of Disney. 

11 Your favourite character meet?
Ariel, she's my favourite princess and it makes me extremely happy whenever I get the chance to meet her. 

12♥  Your best character meet and greet experience? 
When I met Marie in December last year she was so cute and loved the bow I was wearing, she also gave me the biggest hug when I told her she is one of my favourite characters. I love how cheeky and mischievous she is with the younger guests too.  

13Your happiest or best Disneyland memory? 
I have so many happy Disneyland Paris memories, the times I have been lucky enough to visit the park has been some of the best moments of my life. It is difficult to begin to explain how one place is able to have such a huge impact on you, Disney Parks really are my favourite place to visit and I always feel so at home when I'm there. My happiest memories are always walking into the park for the first time during my trips, seeing the castle at the end of Mainstreet is one of my favourite sights and it always feels just as magical as it did the first time I saw it. Also, during my first visit when I was 8 years old I bought a jumper that has Tigger on it and somehow it still fits me 12 and a half years later, that makes me happy knowing I am able to carry on wearing some of my beloved Disney clothes. I know one of my happiest memories will be when I finally visit the park with my boyfriend. 

Let me know some of your answers to these questions, or if you do do the tag link me to it in the comments because I would love to read your answers!

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