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Friday, 17 July 2015

Yesterday I arrived home from being in Japan for 2 weeks, I honestly cannot put into words how incredible it was. I know I haven't posted for a while (not that anyone's that bothereed) but I have a few posts related to my trip Japan that I am going to post. I'm so sad to be home because it is such an amazingly, beautiful country and I am so in love with it. My first post is going to be about the make up I bought while I was there, I am obsessed with the Korean brand Etude House and I normally have to buy the products off of eBay and wait about a month for them to arrive. I was SO happy to find there were two shops near where I was staying in Shinjuku. I won't be including the prices because I can't remember how much they were, sorry!
Brush 150 Blush & Contour
Brush 140 Powder
Brush 311 Eye Blending
Brush 312 Eye Point
Brush 310 Eye Base

Aren't these brushes gorgeous?! They were a lot cheaper than I thought they would be and they are super soft, I haven't used these yet as I wanted to wait until I was home to try them out but I am so excited to see if they are any good. I might have to look online and purchase the rest of the ones that they sell if they do work well. As soon as I saw these 5 brushes they went straight in my basket as they are the kind of brushes that I tend to use on a daily basis, plus they are pink and I can never say no to make up products that are pink.

Tear Drop Liner #1WH901 Pencil Sharpener  Tear Drop Powder
Dear My Blooming Lips-talk PK006
Dear My Blooming Lips-talk RD303
Pencil Sharpener
 Tear Drop Powder
Lovely Cookie Blusher #7PK004

I am obsessed with Etude House's packaging; it is gorgeous and looks amazing on my dressing table. I will always put white every shadow in the corner of my eyes to make them look more awake, I always do it and I think it really makes difference so finding the two tear drop products was a dream come true and they both look beautiful right in the corner of my eyes. The lipsticks are extremely moisturising, a lot of the shades do look really similar but it still took me ages to decide which ones to buy. I've been eyeing up their blushers for a while and I am so happy I was able to purchase one and look at the shades in person! The shade I picked is a light pink and it has a slight shimmer to it.

Soft Cream Puff
Play 101 Pencil 51
Play 101 Pencil 59
Bling Bling Eye Stick #10BR402
Bling Bling Eye Stick #8BE102
Face Designing Brightener BR401 

I've been meaning to buy a beauty blender but I'm always put off by the price due to how small it and this sponge looks pretty similar to it, so I'm excited to try it out! I don't wear eyeliner on my lower water line I normally tend to use a gold coloured eye shadow and I love the result, these sticks are incredible for doing that job as I always get powder in my eye when I use my naked palettes. I use the white one for my tear duct and I find that all of the sticks work amazingly and look beautiful when applied. You can never have too many highlighters and the one I took away with me was running out, so I bought this as a back up and I love it! It has the right amount of shimmer and it looks amazing when paired with my cookie blusher.

Japan Themed Make Up Bag
"Let Your Pink Out" Make Up Bag

I had been debating whether or not I should buy this make up bag online for a long time, they have different designs for different countries but when I saw this in the shop in Harajuku I bought it mainly because of the badge that came with it. I know that seems slightly silly but at least it will always remind me of my trip to Japan! The other make up bag is a free gift they gave to me and some free samples.
Canmake Pore Wrap Gel
Miracle Romance Sailor Moon Black Eyeliner
Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks

These aren't Etude House Products but I thought I would include them anyway! I know that Bandai have released some gorgeous looking Sailor Moon products but they sold out online in a heart beat, I bought this eyeliner as soon as I saw it because who doesn't need Sailor Moon eyeliner in their life?! The blusher is gorgeous, it 5 different shades in it and they are all shaped like roses. I love he packaging for it as well, I'll definitely be looking to purchase more Canmake products if I am able to locate them online! I know there are a few sellers on eBay who sell their products but if you know any other websites that sell Canmake items, then please let me know!
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