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Saturday, 28 March 2015

After waiting patiently for the new Cinderella film to be released in UK cinemas, I was finally able to see it on its release day. If there's one thing you should probably know about me it is how much I love Disney, so I get really excited when a new film is released. I adored the film, the actors, the costumes, the locations and the animation was all perfect and I cannot really fault anything. I always think that it's hard to come out with anything better than the original animated Disney films but this was magical. Lily James is so beautifully elegant and I must admit that I was skeptical when I first saw the posters for Cinderella but she portrayed the character perfectly. In a way I am glad that they didn't include the original songs in the film because I think the film flowed better without them but there is a second where Cinderella is silently singing Sweet Nightingale to herself. However, Lily James version of A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes is lovely and I am glad that they still had her sing it and not including it in the film made it just as special. 

The transformation scene was done incredibly and Helena Bonham Carter looked so, so beautiful as the Fairy Godmother and she is one of my favourite actresses so I love her in any role. This is my favourite scene from the original Cinderella so I was excited to see how it turned out in the live action version and I was not disappointed. The dress and the shoes were so beautiful and the way the glass slippers caught the light was incredible, I now want a pair for myself but it really isn't likely. I didn't want a huge, princess dress for my prom but if I could have had one then Cinderella's blue dress would definitely have been my pick. The way the dress glistened as she danced and when the light hit it and it twinkled was so gorgeous, I loved the small butterflies around the neckline and the jewels in her hair, she sparkled every time she moved. I can't describe how much I enjoyed the transformation from her pink dress into her blue dress, the animation was done so well.


 I think when you turn an already made animated film into a live action adaptation there's going to be an expectation that the actors look like the characters from the original films, of course no one actually looks like a cartoon though but I think the casting was spot on. They all portrayed their characters outstandingly and all of their costumes were so well suited to their roles as well. The locations that the film was shot at including the house and the castle were beautiful and so eloquently British. I was so happy that they kept Jaq and Gus in the film, as it is live action I was worried that they might skip over this but the animation was adorable and I was really impressed. After watching this movie I now have an unrealistic expectation of how I want my wedding to be, from the dress to the flowers. I can't begin to explain how gorgeous Cinderella's wedding dress was, here's a picture that I hope will do it justice. Overall, I thought they stayed faithful to the original story extremely well and I really enjoyed that they had the scenes with her mother and father at the beginning of the film, so we could see how Cinderella ended up living with Lady Tremaine.

Frozen Fever was the short shown before Cinderella and I'm sure everyone is aware of this, as I'm pretty sure this has been advertised more than Cinderella itself. I love Frozen and I think Frozen Fever was a lovely touch, (I don't think there should be a Frozen 2 however) The plot is basically Elsa trying to give Anna the best birthday ever by surprising her with different presents and as this is taking place her cold is gradually getting worse and worse. The snowbabies are possibly one of the cutest things I have ever seen as well! I loved seeing Anna and Elsa's relationship and there's not a lot I can say without ruining it for people who haven't seen it.

Have you seen Cinderella, if so what did you think of it? If you haven't I highly recommend going to see it as I truly enjoyed it! Have courage and be kind.

Victoria x

*The pictures used in this post are not mine and full credit is given to Disney and the rightful owners.


  1. I really want to go and see this, but after seeing Into The Woods and Anna Kendrick being the most incredible 'princess' in that, I don't think I can bring myself to watching it. Helena Bonam Carter must be incredible, as ever though?!

    It is such a shame they're redoing all the Disney Princess films as live action though, a world in which children don't think of the cartoons as the original's will be really really weird!

    Em | beauty&bullshit

    1. I loved Into The Woods, Anna Kendrick's voice was so amazing! Helena Bonham Carter is incredible, I love her so much, she's so good as the fairy godmother!

      I know and they recently announced they're doing Mulan live action too, I think Beauty and the Beast will be incredible because I love Emma Watson but I don't think they should to it for every film!

  2. I'm not really a Disney fan but what I do like about Disney is the lesson behind the story...

  3. Hi! I nominated you for a Liebster award. Link here: [PS - I LOVED the new Cinderella also!]

  4. Hey! I just nominated you for a Liebster Award here is the link

    Ella xx


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