A Very, Merry Disneyland Paris Christmas 2015

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Ever since I can remember it has been a dream of mine to visit a Disney park during the holidays and see it all decked out for Christmas, this year I was finally able to go thanks to an extremely good deal we found online. I went for 4 days and 3 nights, which was the perfect amount of time to do everything I wanted to do, even though I would have loved to stay longer, but who wouldn't?
We took advantage of our extra magic hours and our first port of call when we got to the park was to queue to meet Mickey and Minnie, before the trip I knew I wanted to meet them while they are wearing their Christmas outfits. We queued for well over an hour and it was freezing, I couldn't feel my hands and feet by the time it was my turn but it was well worth the wait! I had to buy an extra pair of socks to put on afterwards in hope that my feet would regain some feeling.

Japan 2015 | A Day in Kyoto

Monday, 21 September 2015

I know it's taking me a stupidly long time to write about my time in Japan but I think it is just bittersweet knowing I went almost 3 months ago, I would do absolutely anything to be back there right now. While we were staying in Osaka we took the train to Kyoto and spent a day there, it was beautiful. 

The first thing we did was head to the Fushimi Inari shrine; it is the head shrine of Inari, located in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan. As you can probably guess there were quite a few tourists there, so luckily we were able to ask for a map and be given the best route to take around the shrine in English. I seem to have misplaced the map; otherwise I would have taken a picture of it. The shrine became the object of imperial patronage during the early Heian period; also foxes are seen to be positioned all around the shrine because they are regarded as the messengers. If you are ever in, or near, Kyoto the shrine is just outside the JR Nara Line Inari Station, which is only a 5 minute journey from Kyoto Station. When they say outside the station, they definitely mean outside, as soon as you walk out you can see a gate leading up to the shrine.

Japan 2015 | Osaka

Sunday, 26 July 2015

On 1st July I went on the most amazing trip to Japan for 2 weeks, I had such an incredible time and I miss it more and more every single day. Japan is an incredibly, beautiful country and I feel so lucky to be able to say that I have been and I can't begin to put into words how amazing everything was there. The people are so, so friendly and welcoming, it's easy to navigate around and if you have a basic understanding of the language then you'll be just fine! I studied Japanese during my first year of university, so I did okay! I'm going to be doing some posts based on my time there and I hope you enjoy reading them and looking at the pictures I took while I was there.

After recovering from being extremely jetlagged and having a good sleep, we woke up and went to Osaka Castle!
Osaka Castle is one of Japan's most famous landmarks and it played a major role in the unification of Japan during the sixteenth century of the Azuchi-Momoyama period. You can go inside the castle and walk around and read about the history of the castle. There are 8 floors in the castle (for some reason there isn't a sixth floor, so technically there's only 7?) and each floor displays something different to the last, unfortunately the lift only goes up to floor 5 but we walked up and down the stairs regardless. You're not allowed to take photos once you are inside, so I wasn't able to capture anything that was inside of the castle. On the fifth floor they had scenes from "The Summer War in Osaka" on a folding screen and I thought that it was done beautifully and was so amazing to look at. It was quite busy on this floor so it was difficult to get a good look at things but we got by. Situated on the eighth floor is an observatory deck and the view was breathtaking, this is where the bottom picture was taken. The view stretched out for mile and miles and it is so amazing to be able to see Osaka from up high, as there is so much to look at. Something I love about Japan is that you can never get bored of just looking around because everywhere looks so different and you will always have something to look at.

Cross Stitch Cult Shop Review

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Hey guys, so today I'm going to talk a bit about a small shop that is run and owned by the lovely Aimee Wool called Cross Stitch Cult. The name is a slight giveaway as to what she sells on her shop but she makes incredible custom cross stitches and also has premade ones that she sells. I came across her Instagram when I saw others entering a competition to win a custom cross stitch, I never enter competitions as I never win but I decided to enter this one and I somehow managed to win! As you probably know I love Disney, so I asked her to create the cross stitch in the picture below for me. 

It came out better than I had imagined it in my head and it is now proudly sitting on a shelf that is placed beside my bed, I love it so much and it looks amazing in my bedroom. I am obsessed with her work and I plan on ordering more in the future as I have so many ideas as to what I want, mainly be Disney related but I'd also love a Studio Ghibli piece! She also uploads pictures of the progress she is making on a cross stitch and I loved seeing the progression of my custom piece as it made me even more excited than I already was to see the finished product. 

Let's Talk: Disney's Cinderella

Saturday, 28 March 2015

After waiting patiently for the new Cinderella film to be released in UK cinemas, I was finally able to see it on its release day. If there's one thing you should probably know about me it is how much I love Disney, so I get really excited when a new film is released. I adored the film, the actors, the costumes, the locations and the animation was all perfect and I cannot really fault anything. I always think that it's hard to come out with anything better than the original animated Disney films but this was magical. Lily James is so beautifully elegant and I must admit that I was skeptical when I first saw the posters for Cinderella but she portrayed the character perfectly. In a way I am glad that they didn't include the original songs in the film because I think the film flowed better without them but there is a second where Cinderella is silently singing Sweet Nightingale to herself. However, Lily James version of A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes is lovely and I am glad that they still had her sing it and not including it in the film made it just as special. 
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