What TV Shows Am I Currently Watching?*

Thursday, 14 February 2019

One of my go to questions when having a conversation with someone is “what TV shows are you currently watching?” It is an excellent conversation starter, especially if you are meeting someone for the first time and need an ice breaker question, everyone will have an answer. We really are incredibly lucky to have access to the streaming platforms we do now, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, DisneyLife and NOW TV, etc. I remember the days where you would have to check what time a show would be on and hope that you were able to watch it at that time. This was before you were even given the option to record them. HD televisions Panasonic is an amazing way to enjoy these streaming services, as you can easily access the apps from your home screen.

Disney Inspired Scented Candles | Maple and Whisky

Thursday, 30 August 2018

So, it has been far too long since I last blogged but I am back! I will be doing posts from my trip to Japan back in February, they're extremely late but I still want to get them written as I have so many pictures to share. My most viewed post is my last Maple & Whisky review, so it only seems right to dive head first back into blogging with another review! Maple & Whisky are a small business that sell handmade candles, melts, reed diffusers and room sprays featuring Disney inspired scents on Etsy. The scents that come with visiting a Disney Park are one of my favourite things about it, they are memorable and unique to Disney and each scent brings back different memories. I had always dreamed of being able to package up the scents and bring them home with me, now I can! I have been extremely lucky and have received three candles off of Maple & Whisky, I even got to choose the scents! Previous candles I have purchased from them are Philharmagic, Mickey Waffles, Main Street Bakery and Animation Hall. I have also tried to Main Street Popcorn reed diffuser and I am still currently using the Philharmagic room spray. There is also a discount at the end of this post!

Japanese Disney Store Haul | Japan Trip 2018

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Yesterday evening I returned from my two week trip to Japan and I was absolutely heart broken to leave. I had the most incredible time and I am so sad to be home. I am going to be writing trip reports but I thought I'd kick start my Japan related posts with a Disney Store haul! I will be doing a separate one for the items I bought from Disneyland and DisneySea. This was my first time looking through everything I had bought since purchasing them, so it was a lovely to look through it all again. The day after we arrived in Sapporo my brother took us to the Disney Store there and of course I was extremely overwhelmed by everything. Before I went to Japan I told myself to only buy things that I have room for and actually need. I kind of stuck to that as I didn't buy any mugs because I definitely don't need anymore. I bought everything in this haul from either the Disney Store or Sapporo, or the one in Shibuya! 
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