Tuesday, 23 May 2017

My Top 3 Tips For Making Mickey Mouse Ears

One of my most recent hobbies includes making Mickey Mouse ears, I am currently beginning the process of setting up my own Etsy store, which I will do a blogpost on when it happens! Ear making was something I have always wanted to try, last year I decided to pick up my mom's sewing kit and give it a go! I'm definitely no expert and the ears I make certainly are not perfect but it is something that I thoroughly enjoy doing, as it keeps my mind occupied. Plus there is nothing more rewarding than being sent pictures of your customers wearing the ears you have handmade at Disney parks! I've seen a lot more people give making ears a go, so I thought I'd leave you with a few tips on how to get started with making your own Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears. All of the ears pictured in this post are ears I have made!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

My Thoughts on Beauty and the Beast

I know this post is incredibly late but since watching Beauty and the Beast I have been thinking about how to pile all of my thoughts into a post. I didn't want to write a formal review because I am terrible at writing them. I thought I'd attempt to discuss what and why I love the film. It has been no secret that I have been ridiculously excited for the release of this film since they announced that Emma Watson would be playing Belle. When you have been waiting to see something for so long you do begin to worry that it won't exceed your expectations but this film went above and beyond. I know there has been a ton of hate towards this film prior to its release, hate that I definitely don't remember seeing during the live action Cinderella's release but I'm not here to compare films. I hope you enjoy reading my completely incoherent thoughts on Beauty and the Beast.

The amazing thing about a film remake is yes, elements are going to be different. What what would be the point in remaking a film that already exists just to do a complete carbon copy of it? That is what I loved about the live action Beauty and the Beast, Disney were able to re-imagine a classic story and update elements of a well loved story.

Friday, 17 February 2017

My Most Memorable Experiences In Japan

It may have been a year and a half since my Japan trip but I still think about it every single day. It is a trip I will honestly never forget and I cannot wait to go back. I experienced so many incredible things while I was there and it was such an unforgettable experience but I thought I'd talk about three of my favourite experiences that I had during my time there! Every moment there was unforgettable but this post would be far too long if I spoke about all of them! My twin brother just recently found out he got a job to teach English in Japan, so it is time I started saving so I can afford to go and visit him. Plus I need to take into consideration everything I am definitely going to want to buy while I am there.